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#YouAreTheKey: Samra Jewellery’s Women’s Day campaign is symbol of inspiration



Samra Jewellery, a leading jewellery house in the Gulf region, recently launched a beautiful key pendant as part of its ongoing collection, Muftah Turath. It was part of its latest campaign called #YouAreTheKey on International Women’s Day. For the campaign, the brand collaborated with various prominent women from different industries and made them its ambassadors. Each woman was given this special ‘key’ pendant as a symbol of inspiration for the world.

“Owning Muftah Turath has empowered me to open doors I was afraid to come near. It has truly inspired me to break free from all the locks I had made in my mind and to go after what I really want in my life,” said Sukaina Jarrar, a personal trainer, and one of the ambassadors for the #YouAreTheKey campaign.

Speaking about the pendant, another ambassador, Dima El Assi, an events and partnerships specialist, said, “Muftah Turath is a memento that reminds me of the doors, windows, and arms that opened for me when I really needed those most. Each time I wear it, I feel a sense of empowerment and strength, knowing the universe seemed to align just right to help me find my way. I remember the people who offered their support, the opportunities that presented themselves, and the unexpected blessings that came my way, and most importantly the sense of empowerment it gives me each time I wear it as a woman and a mother.”

Designer of Muftah Turath, Katia Samra, Artistic Director, Samra Jewellery, said, “I designed Muftah Turath while imagining a creation of fine jewellery that would express the unlocking of new beginnings, freedom of expression and finding the true essence of your hearts. With Muftah Turath, you will have a constant reminder that there is nothing impossible, and that you have the power to unlock the endless possibilities in your story!”

Established in 1941, Samra is currently run by third-generation jewellers. The family’s impeccable reputation and history in the gold and diamond industry have only helped Samra thrive with modern buyers. Over the years, The House of Samra has become synonymous with innovation, creative vision and superior quality, allowing it to become one of the leading jewellery houses in the Gulf region.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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