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World Academy of Design: Where aspirations meet one’s passion for jewellery



The World Academy of Design started in Dubai with only online courses for people interested in the art of jewellery designing. It is now spreading its roots to Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Lebanon

Jewellery is an aspiration, a luxury that is seldom unwanted. Throughout history, through any crisis, the value of jewellery and the desire to own beautiful pieces have never diminished. This is also a reason why jewellery designing has come up to be such a lucrative career option now.

The Middle East has been called the hub of jewellery for a reason. Not only does it sport a panache for the best-drawn pieces, but people there are eternally on a quest to find new, unique, and stand-out designs. One could say that the World Academy of Design is a solution to the quest, teaching enthusiasts and zealous learners the art of carving out the world’s finest, from the comfort of their homes, with infrastructure and advanced tools to aid the students on the way.

Started by Tarun Jain, the World Academy of Design started in Dubai with only online courses, courtesy the worldwide pandemic. There was an upside to this. With work from home becoming a reality, a lot of people had the time to re-evaluate their career choices, and some even had the luxury of following their passions. Many such people thronged the virtual doors of the academy to hone their talent and skill. It started with free knowledge seminars and later converted eager attendees into students. Slowly the academy spread its roots to Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Lebanon.

In no time, the academy started participating in jewellery shows or renown. The first participation in the Sharjah Jewels of Emirates show turned out to be a success as it offered free workshops on 3D design for manufacturers, 3D design solutions for retailers, and instant photography.The best part — its not all serious learning. The academy also organised a treasure hunt, which the visitors loved.

“The plan is to go fully global on an online platform and attract international students gradually to UAE for a real-time experience in jewellery designing. After all, Dubai is famous for all things pretty,” said Jain, founder and managing director, World Academy of Design.

The academy offers different courses —diploma in 3D designing on a multiple-award winning software called MATRIXGOLD, a Certified Jewellery Professional Diploma course thatincludes diamonds, coloured stones and retail jewellery, jewellery retail store photography,graphic designing for jewellery, and design development for brands.

The jewellery business has taken a new dimension. Everyone should have professional training from industry experts to be successful in this business. Just being a professional, or an expert will not be enough to shine. It’s a great time to open jewellery startups,” said Jain. “The jewellery you wear reflects the many shades of your personality. The design symbolically echoes what the wearer feels.”

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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