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To light and legacy : Nour by Jahan is a dream in the choicest diamonds



Nour By Jahan, created by Nour, an eighth generation jeweller from the towering
Jahan dynasty, creates her piees inspired by nature. The Retail Jeweller World
talks to her about her designs and journey so far.

Tell us a bit about the legacy of the Jahan family. How has that inspired you?

An eighthgenerationjeweller, I amalso the first woman to take up the Jahanmantle. Myfamily has a history of over 170 years, being jewellers to no less than 35 kings.

Each generation brings something new to the family business and I feel that it is my duty to continue. Being born into the world of jewellery and craft, I have always loved it. I grew up seeing my family’s devotion to creating such magnificent pieces, and instantly knew that this was something that I wanted to be a part of, which is why I am followingin theirfootstepsand creatingmy line, Nour by Jahan.

Tell us how the journey has been so far? How is it different from the first generation?

Nour, translated from the Persian and Arabic, means “the divine light”. I see the art of creating jewellery as my way of sharing my inner light with the world. When you wear Nour By Jahan pieces, you are meant to feel special. I want my jewellery to reveal your unique radiance.Just like every woman, every diamond or gemstone has a magical inner light. With a confident hand and the finest of expertise, every cut and polish brings forth the gemstone’s inner beauty and accentuates its unique radiance throughout my designs.

I alwaystry to keepmy designs unique and contemporary. Each of my jewels needs to be special, something out of this world.I use smaller stones than what Jahan Genève is famous for, so that my clients can wear jewels daily but still have something special and impressive. I also do some high-end pieces for special events. But I set myself apart from Jahan Genève by engaging with a younger audience.

Talk to us about the kind of pieces you make? How do you put the Jahan signature on it?

All ‘Nour’pieces showcase the highestqualitydiamonds and preciousnaturalgemstones,such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds,beautifully set on custom-made white, pink or yellow gold. Whatdifferentiates‘Nour by Jahan’isthe combination of a unique accumulation of knowledge, jewellery making skills, and my passion for jewellery. I am truly blessed to have this dynasty and heritage behind me. Jahan’s reputation gives me a huge advantage. Each piece is made to the very highest standards. For me, it is really important that each design has a special meaning, a story to tell, and I want each jewel to be the wearer’s favourite.

I only choose gems from the best mines around the world. I am lucky enough to be able to source these from Jahan’s private stock of diamonds and gemstones. I handpick each stone myself, so that it is exactly the right size and colour. I particularly like using blue, pink and purple sapphires as well as diamonds. My next designs will feature emeralds, which I believe brings a positive energy as a symbol of hope.

What kind of designs do you think have done well in the UAE region this year, in terms of gold, diamonds, coloured gemstones, platinum or any other trend?

My ‘Dancing Diamonds’ and ‘Play’ are bestsellers in the UAE, due to the fascinating design of movingdiamonds.Indeed, movement is a key element in my designs.

For ‘Dancing Diamonds’, my inspiration comes from the sun’s energy as it lights up the sky and illuminating everything it touches.The innovative and intricate design is delivered by superior Swiss craftsmanship and technical excellence. Each diamond dances playfully along its own band of pure gold. The movement of the diamonds as they flow from side to side creates a dazzling effect against a warm backdrop of the gold.

Likewise, the Play collection is also full of movement with baguette-cut diamonds elegantly capturing a playful spirit. As they fluidly glide along, each centre-piece diamond is suspended in an innovative and unique invisible setting, allowing the stones to move, play and catch the light as you wear the piece.All my collectionssharea common message: the light.

When it comes to jewellery, what are your thoughts on evolving design languages?

I admire the progress and evolvingtechnologicalskillsthatour world has to offer. I’mimpressedwiththe design softwares thatwe have access to. However, I personallyalways start any design by drawingthem. I design every piece and personally check on every step of the creation.

As for inspiration, I find it every day in the beauty of the world surrounding us, as my jewels capture the essence of a moment.When passion is combined with precision and perseverance, the creation of each statement piece becomes the ultimate art of sculpture. My aim is to create perfection.

How would you describe your style?  Describe a typical day at work.

My styleiscontemporary andelegant.I wake up with the passion to create new designs and when I start a sketch thatcaptivates me, I don’t stop untilitreachesthe final version.

How do you think the jewellery industry in the Middle East has evolved with time? How has the digital boom affected your industry and what have you learnt during the pandemic?

The jewelleryindustry has significantlyevolvedwith time and specificallyduring the pandemic, whichpushed brands to createvirtual showrooms. It is impressive to seethat clients are purchasing high-end jewellery online and through WhatsApp orders. Anotheradvantage of digital and social media isthatit enables brands to reach out to a global audience. Nour by Jahan’s online shop waslaunchedduring the pandemic. The platform isgreat, giving clients the possibility to purchase in one click.

What has your target audience been? How do they respond and connect to your work?

Nour by Jahanisdirected to everywoman of anyage, country, colour or ethnicity.

Just like every woman, every diamond and gemstone has a magical inner light.Mydreamisthatmyjewellery reveals your unique radiance and encourages you to step into your own spotlight.

Do you have any favourite metal or gemstone you like experimenting with?

Myfavouritegemstoneisdiamonds. As theysay, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

The jewellery industry is going strong despite the pandemic challenges. What do you think is the reason behind that?

As long as thereare women, thereisjewellery.The jewelleryindustryistimeless and willnever go out of fashion.

What are your plans for Noor in the next ten years? Any advice for budding designers?

I plan to expand the brand to a wider audience, by beingpresent in differentretail stores,throughdifferent online portals.I have many new collections coming, and I cannotwait to sharethemwith the world.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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