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Tanishq sets the gold standard in sustainability



From its differentiated Jewellery designs to exemplary customer service and exquisite craftsmanship, Tanishq has always led the way. As it reaffirms its commitment to sustainability in the region, India’s most trusted jewellery brand is once again setting the gold standard.

From the proactive steps taken to uplift the lives of the craftsmen, the accent on health and safety in the workplace and on the shop floor, to the process that includes recycling of gold, and concerted effort across the supply chain to keep our planet green, Tanishq’s business practices resonate with today’s ethical consumer.

Tanishq’s “Karigar” (Craftsman) Centre located in Hosur, India is a sustainable model designed to transform the way jewellery is manufactured with a focus on inclusive growth. The centre provides best-in-class work equipment, material, training and dedicated residential blocks for craftsman to live within the same campus to ensure quality of life and good health.

The brand is also committed towards creating a more sustainable future. Formal practices and policies are in place when it comes to the procurement of gold. A significant percent of the gold consumed is from recycled gold received from existing clients thanks to Tanishq’s user-friendly and transparent gold exchange programme, also available in the UAE.

“Sustainability is now a hallmark of Tanishq along with product differentiation and unparalleled customer service. Today’s consumers are actively making choices that are environment and people friendly. It is imperative for us to communicate the strides we have made in this regard as we grow our footprint in the region,” said Kuruvilla Markose, CEO – International Business Division, Titan Company Ltd. “We believe that in the growth of our craftsmen, lies ours. When you purchase a piece of jewellery from Tanishq, rest assured that it comes with all the blessings of the craftsman who made it,” he added.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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