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Saudi women’s demand for trendy and unique ornaments drives the Kingdom’s jewellery market: Abdulghani Al Sayegh



The Vice Chairperson, National Committee for Precious Metals & Gemstones, K.S.A, highlights the importance of winning the trust and confidence of Saudi women and the significance of the committee for the jewellery industry in the kingdom

The jewellery market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has rightfully earned its reputation as a leading market in the region and holds a prominent position in the Middle East, according to Abdulghani B. Al Sayegh, Vice Chairperson, National Committee for Precious Metals &Gemstones, K.S.A.

Currently, the National Committee for Precious Metals and Gemstones is actively collaborating with the concerned ministries, forging a strong partnership to advance the precious metals and precious stones industry in the Kingdom. The issuance of an executive regulation is a significant milestone, reflecting the commitment to progress and development in this sector. In order to align with international sectors, Al Sayegh says that the committee is working to reach the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

“Acknowledging the significance of the National Committee for Precious Metals and Gemstones is vital in understanding how the market sustains its position and fosters confidence. Central to our success is the foundation of honesty and sincerity among merchants, along with a strong focus on establishing trust in customer-merchant interactions while adhering to government standards and regulations. Since 1980, the Kingdom has recognized the potential of this sector as a competitive advantage, leading to significant efforts for its development and continuous progress. As partners within the committee, we are actively involved in developing and organizing the industry to ensure the market’s ongoing growth and reputation,” says Al Sayegh.

Talking about the latest trends in the Middle Eastern jewellery markets, Al Sayegh credits the high tastes of Saudi women for exquisite designs, quality craftsmanship and modern trends which ultimately fuel the demand for new and unique jewellery pieces. “Indeed, the high level of taste and discernment displayed by the Saudi women plays a pivotal role in driving the growth and advancement of the jewellery market in the Kingdom. We can confidently anticipate that the jewellery industry in the Kingdom will never cease to develop,” he states.

Maintaining the trust and confidence of the Saudi women is a challenge for the jewellery industry in the kingdom, according to Al Sayegh. “Our commitment encompasses all aspects of our business, from ensuring the utmost excellence in our products to providing a seamless and exceptional shopping experience, with unique quality, competitive price, and a balance in the composition of stones and metal,” Al Sayegh adds.


Al Sayegh is thefourth generation of his family to carry forward the remarkable legacy of the prestigious brand Abdul Ghani, that spans back to before 1931, to the time of his grandfather, Sheikh Abdul Ghani Al-Sayegh.Its journey continued through the hands of Al Sayegh’s father, Sheikh of the goldsmiths of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Dr Bakr Abdel-Ghani Al-Sayegh, and has now been entrusted to Al Sayegh and his sisters.

Talking about the brand Abdul Ghani, Al Sayegh says, “In our pursuit of excellence, we have remained steadfast in honouring the approach set by our founder, upholding our solemn commitment to deliver products renowned for their unparalleled quality, authenticity and fair pricing, embodying the traditions of ancient craftsmanship. As an integrated group, we have worked tirelessly to unify all aspects of the gold and jewellery industry, encompassing manufacturing, retail and wholesale operations. To further enhance our offerings, we ventured into the world of diamonds, aligning with our dedication to provide comprehensive and diverse selections to our valued clientele.”

Al Sayegh explains that accuracy and precision define Abdul Ghani products. “We have succeeded in transforming Abdul Ghani into a franchise, which is a step that will lead this group to expansion, positioning the brand for greater achievements and global outreach as a renowned Saudi name. This legacy began in 1945 and has continued to endure, standing the test of time. It is a testament to the timeless appeal of our products, which are held in high demand even today. The concept of nobility and originality associated with our brand speaks to the authenticity and distinctiveness of every piece we create.”

Like all brands, Covid-19 was a great challenge for the Abdul Ghani Group, but Al Sayegh says that they succeeded in overcoming it, and continue to make their steps stronger learning from the crisis. “The true owners of the Abdul Ghani brand are our esteemed customers. Their trust in us and their satisfaction with our products and services have been the driving force behind our journey. Our ultimate goal and challenge have always been to exceed their expectations and deliver excellence in every aspect,” Al Sayegh concludes.

By Bushra Satkhed

Retail Jeweller World Exclusive