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Samra Jewellery’s Dibla Turath collection lines up stackable rings



Discover the finest artisanal styles with the newly launched Dibla Turath – Stackable Rings Collection by Samra Jewellery. The collection is focused on innovative rings designed to be stacked, played with and contrasted. The beautifully crafted rings are available in both rose gold as well as gold. The intention behind launching this collection was to help every individual portray their true selves in the form of personalizable jewellery.

Established in 1941, Samra is currently run by third-generation jewellers. The family’s impeccable reputation and history in the gold and diamond industry have only helped Samra thrive with modern buyers. Over the years The House of Samra has become synonymous with innovation, creative vision and superior quality, allowing it to become one of the leading jewellery houses in the Gulf Region.

Overseen by an extensive creative team, Samra delivers flawless pieces that abide by the strictest measures of quality, design and expertise that are intrinsic to Samra’s philosophy. The House of Samra is driven to deliver visionary high-end jewellery that possesses a sustainable and timeless dedication to the world of fine jewellery.

Samra’s vision is to procure fine jewellery of the highest standards for the confident, conscious and empowered modern woman. Through continuous advances in innovation and the use of modernized methods in craftsmanship, Samra envisions a proactive approach to driving sustainable methods of managing social and environmental practices in creating jewels that make the world, a brilliant place. Besides some classic and wearable designs, the label’s new collection also boasts chic and modern rings. The Dibla Turath are innovative rings designed to be stacked, played with and contrasted with evening or contemporary apparel.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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