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Poized for Adventure – Kimjoux’s Innovative Collection Bursts Forth With Colour



Kimjoux’s newest collection has been named – and it captures all of the hope, energy and optimism that inspired the collection.

Founder and Creative Director at Kimjoux, Trang Do, has leveraged her light touch and design nous to expand a collection that already combines the smooth, architectural lines of solid gold with an innovative sliding lock.

As an experienced jewellery designer, Trang inherently understands that a brand works best when works collaboratively with its admirers. That’s why Trang was confident in throwing the naming of her latest inspiring collection over to the Kimjoux community – and she wasn’t disappointed.

Founder of Kimjoux, Trang Do, commented “When we launched the collection naming competition, we knew that we would, in turn, be inspired by our community. What we couldn’t have guessed however was the creative spark the name would ignite within us. Not only does ‘Poize’ capture the elegance of the pieces teamed with the simmering energy of the lines, but we were overjoyed that the winner of our competition is renowned and respected artist, Lauren Baker”. Lauren is well known for her vibrant, bold art and for radiating a positive energy, making her name suggestion the perfect fit for Kimjoux’s collection.

When released, loyal Kimjoux fans fell in love with the combination of contemporary fine jewellery, robustly secured with a clasp that represents the best of precious metal engineering. Maintaining a focus on the detail of the pieces, Trang and her team have brought light and added life to the collection with the addition of brightly coloured beads, selected for their unusual shape and interesting feel. While every bead is different from the next and they lack a predictable uniformity that can so often happen in fine jewellery, Poize’s new pieces are luxurious and highly polished. All beads used in the Poize collection are free from treatment.

Trang doesn’t take the easy way out, launching a collection that takes inspiration from the Roaring 1920s at a time when the world seems to be more confusing than ever.  Rather, Poize’s innovative, moving arch locking mechanism secures the pieces and restores balance.

Trang comments, “The 1920s came hot on the heels of a Great War and a global flu pandemic, yet there was still time to focus on the positive energy that reverberated across the globe. We remain committed to capturing the essence of these years in contemporary pieces that will stand the test of time.  Our collection is about empowerment and every stone used represents the colour of our past and encapsulates the hope for the future and a life where we remain free to express ourselves without compromise.”

All Poize pieces are customisable and made to order. The beads are made from both precious and semi-precious gemstones while the smooth lines reflect the elegant arched shapes synonymous with the Art Deco movement. Pendant charms offer the opportunity to become playful with your choices, stacking colour upon colour or experimenting with length. Poize pieces are as versatile and adaptable as the women who wear them; the women who understand how to create a piece of every day beauty that can be worn, treasured, loved and handed down to the next generation.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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