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Our customers mainly look for Indian-influenced jewellery, says Rahul Sood of Memories Golden Jewellery LLC



From introducing kids’ collections to lightweight jewellery and Arabic-inspired designs, the brand continuously strives to captivate its diverse clientele

Dubai: With a focus on customer satisfaction, Memories Golden Jewellery LLC specializes in 18 to 22-karat gold jewellery adorned with precious stones and Tanzanite. From bridal jewellery to intricate designs, the brand caters to diverse tastes, attracting clientele from various nationalities, with Indians comprising a significant percentage of their customers.   

“We focus on customers’ requirements, and in line with their demand, our signature collection is primarily Indian heritage, modern classic jewellery,” says Rahul Sood, Managing Director, Memories Golden Jewellery LLC.    

Our customers are mainly looking for Indian-influenced jewellery and bridal collections. About 30% of our customers are Indians while the remaining 70% are from mixed nationalities. We meet our customers’ varying demands by creating customized jewellery. With an in-house manufacturing unit, we ensure top-notch quality and swift delivery, winning the trust and loyalty of their clientele, ”Sood states.  

Quality assurance is paramount for the brand’s growth. “Our quality check policy ensures purity and excellence,” notes the founder, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining high standards and securing repeat customers.

The brand’s commitment to innovation stands as a cornerstone of its growth. Over the years, they have introduced and pioneered numerous jewellery concepts, including the kids collection, lightweight jewellery, diamond wedding rings, and Arabic collection. Their store boasts an exclusive array of products, including premium designs. “Our key strength, which has worked wonders for the brand, is our deep understanding of our customers’ needs and our ability to deliver quality products promptly. We excel in providing our customers with the latest collections they desire within the shortest and immediate time frame. Ensuring purity has been instrumental in our growth, thanks to our rigorous quality check policy. This policy helps us maintain repeat customers in the market and earns their confidence,” adds Sood.

Established in 2017 and officially launched in 2018, the brand embarked on a journey to redefine classical modern heritage jewellery, in the streets of Bur Dubai’s Meena Bazar, a key location for Indian jewellery brands. It has a single premium jewellery store at Bur Dubai.

Looking ahead, the brand envisions branching out into the Gold Souq and the New Gold Souq Extension, marking a significant step forward in their journey of growth and prominence in the jewellery industry.

By Bushra Satkhed

Retail Jeweller World Exclusive