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Majliya Jewellery just collaborated with Bank Muscat to launch some great deals and offers 



Oman-based jewellery label Majliya Jewellery, recently collaborated with Bank Muscat to launch a special offer for their customers who possess Bank Muscat credit cards. According to the offer, customers using the bank’s credit card to make their payments towards the jewellery label will be eligible for 0% interest and a monthly instalment policy. Similarly, customers who choose to pay with Private Banking Visa Infinite credit cards will get discounts on jewellery up to 17%. Moreover, customers using the Asalah Visa Signature credit card and Al Jawhar Visa Platinum credit card will get up to 13% discount.

Majliya is inspired by the story of an extraordinary Middle Eastern icon with big aspirations – creating timeless masterpieces that honour the wishes of its clientele and represent their individual spirit. With great respect for local traditions and customs, each brand element is a story in itself. Colour, design lines, and harmony between heritage and modernity contribute to the success of this eternal luxury brand that celebrates bridging the gap between history and the future. 

The Majliya promise inspires its customers to be true to themselves, boasting master craftsmanship in each collection as patrons of high-end luxury keepsakes that present a lifetime of stories and memories. The brand is a modern celebration of the region’s traditions, and those of its customers, in an ever-changing world.

At a time when Oman’s famed jewellery makers were slowly disappearing, Majliya was conceived to continue the legacy of preserving the esteemed culture by creating contemporary luxury jewellery and gifts that capture the essence of the Sultanate’s traditions, and yet express pure individuality.

Jawahir Oman, with the help of local and international craftsmen, has been passionately dedicated to uncompromising quality for more than 40 years. This iconic rebranding in 2021 to Majliya is to make the brand experience more accessible to customers in the Middle East and beyond. By applying master craftsmanship to each unique collection and using only the best and ethically sourced gemstones and metals, their journey, as patrons of high-end luxury pieces that present a lifetime of stories and memories, continues.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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