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Maha Al Sibai’s new collection shines on the wearer like moonlight on a dark night



Inspired by those nights when she was locked in with the moonlit sky as the only free space that she could run to, Maha Al Sibai has crafted a collection that astonishes the wearer with its mellifluous uniqueness

Talk to us about your new collection.

I recently launched my new collection called “Midnight Moon” during the latest    Jawaher Al Emarat Sharjah Show.

What precious stones and metals have you used in the collection and what is the design language like?

The base for the collection, as the name says, are all precious elements that are black and white.So, I am using white gold, diamonds in black and white, black spinal, black onyx, white agate, white pearls, black tourmaline, and many others.
All the pieces of this collection are one of a kind, so we make a piece only once. So, each piece has a different story, but all the stories are on the same theme.

What trend are you catering to with the new collection?
Black and white have always been eye-catching. The contrast is my focus in the look. Also, black and white can never go out of fashion.In every new collection at any fashion show,you will never miss the one or two appearances in black and white. Even when we talk art, charcoalblack and white are the most popular expressions.

What sets this collection apart from your others?
The collection is a mix of techniques — a classic inspiration of methods expressed in a very modern way with the latest high technology and hand crafting.This makes it so different from my other collections. Each piece is an expression on its own.

Who is the target customer and what is your price range?
As I am an artist and I consider this collection in my interest as a collector, the assumed clients are those who look for the unique, like to create their owntrend, the trendsetters and leaders who do not know how to follow. It is not hard to understand, but one needs the courage  to use it as an expressive piece of art.
The prices vary from the very basic to high-end, depending on how rich in elements and work is the piece. Some of them are very simple, yet expressive.

What is the thought behind the collection?
The idea behind the collection came during the pandemic and the conflicts that we are living amidst every day. Contrast always shows the strength of both sides of any conflict. We do not appreciate light unless there is darkness, and vice-versa.The moon is always shining, day and night, but we only see it clearly in the dark. We need its light more when we are fumbling in the darkness.
I was inspired by those nights when we were locked in, the sky was the only free space that we could run to. We started remembering the gifts that we had and took for granted.Losing them made us appreciate them more.

What new projects are you working on? Talk to us about the future plan
I am collaborating with an art association in Swizerlandand working on a new collection.Basically, it is the renaissance of stories from over the world put together in a modern and wearable piece of jewellery. This collection is about international art and humanity — that is all I can reveal now. The plan is to launch it sometime around September during the Expo 2021.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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