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Maha Al Sibai Jewellery designed special pieces for actress Karess Bashar for Joy Award



Maha Al Sibai, a leading jewellery design label customised some spellbinding jewellery for actress Karess Bashar for the Joy Award held on January 22 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The customised set consisted of a beautifully crafted diamond earring set and an emerald-based ring along with an oversized brooch crafted in white gold and diamonds.

The brand Maha Al Sibai Jewellery is said to represent itself as artists first and jewellers second. Their work is inspired by timeless stories and not seasonal fashion trends. The brand is inspired by mother earth and the precious natural material it produces.

Despite consistently producing masterpieces they continue to strive to enlighten their design language and evolve. Their core mantra focuses on making the world more beautiful and more meaningful, one piece at a time. And to use jewellery to freeze a beautiful moment in time to encapsulate pure love and wear it with pride — seeking always to elevate the standard of taste and dissociate it from the commercial side of beauty. To continue to redefine jewellery as art rather than fashion, a sculpture of precious materials interacting with light.

The unique style and designs paved the way for Maha Al Sibai to obtain a fast-growing name among jewellery designers. The brand’s passion for redefining glamour and art is apparent through the timeless jewellery that weaves together nature, love, and beauty.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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