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Lustro launches its ‘Lancia di Lustro’ range of bracelets and rings



High-end Saudi jewellery brand Lustro recently launched a new collection of bracelets and rings called ‘Lancia di Lustro’ on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The whole collection is crafted in 22 carat rose gold, and studded beautifully with diamonds of various sizes. The jewellery is designed to be lightweight, thus keeping it budget-friendly for gifting purposes for Women’s Day.

Lustro is a Saudi brand that designs and manufactures jewellery in Italy. It was founded by Saudi entrepreneur Mishal Ahmad Aldebeyan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Aldebeyan, descended from a jewellery business family, decided to create a new jewellery concept that had not been introduced in the Saudi market earlier – focusing on the best diamond quality, unique design and outstanding customer service.

Subsequently, in 12 years, Lustro proved to be a massive success in the jewellery sector in the Saudi market, where it became a leader in fine jewellery with a high reputation for integrity, value and trust. Lustro diamonds are known for their high-grade quality and unique craftsmanship. Ardently forged and manufactured in Italy, each piece is certified.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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