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Liali Jewellery’s “Month of Pearls” is a winner in more ways than one



Liali Jewellery has always been known for its innovative campaigns and wonderful sales ideas. This time though, the brand has found yet another unique way to showcase their jewellery. The Retail Jeweller World looks into what the brand has on offer

Liali Jewellery has started an excellent campaign that dedicates each month to a precious gemstone or metal, educating the jewellery industry about the different elements that make jewellery unique. What’s clever about the campaign is how it draws connoisseurs of a particular gemstone or metal towards the Liali promise. It targets one segment and pulls out the best from it.

True to its sentiment, it declared June as the “Month of Pearls”. Celebrating the queen of all gems, Liali has been flooding its social media feed with wonderful questions thrown at its customer base, taking them back the memory lane with “What was the first pearl jewellery you owned?” to quirky wordplay, like,“What is your greatest pearl of wisdom?”. While the responses have been in the range of beautiful to hilarious, it has also charmed the customer base to no end.

Along with this, the jeweller has also been featuring its best range of pearl jewellery, from rings, bracelets and necklaces, to danglers and bangles. Not only has the campaign received an amazing response, but has also helped people go to the brand’s website to educate themselves about the quality and value of cultured pearls that Liali offers.

As the brand’s page says, “Most pearls sold today are cultured. Natural pearls are extremely rare. Given the demand for pearls around the world a natural process was designed to farm pearls. It is a complex process wherein a tiny bead is implanted into the oyster and gradually over time the oyster coats the bead in many layers of natural minerals and proteins. These layers are referred to as nacre. It is the nacre that gives pearls their beautiful lustre and colour. In essence a cultured pearl grows in an oyster just the way a natural pearl does.”

The idea expands into the different kinds of pearls that Liali offers: Freshwater, South Sea, Akoya, Keishi and Tahitian cultured pearls. In addition, they offer our pearls at different price points so that the customer can find the perfect pearl for your style and budget.

The brand says that it ensures that each pearl meets the high-quality standards – which explains why it is extremely important to buy your pearls from a reputed source. “At Liali we can give you in-depth education related to each pearl type we offer, and encourage you to learn more about the differing qualities in each,” the page says.

While this is a wonderful way to draw attention to a natural gemstone that is connected with culture and taste, it is also a great advertising technique which serves a dual purpose — sales and education. With the Liali plan, we can’t wait to find out what the gemstone for the next month is.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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