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Lack of children’s jewellery brands in the Saudi market encouraged me to establish Baby Crown: Abeer Al Bakri



Abeer Al Bakri has grown her brand Baby Crown over the years and evolved as an entrepreneur and jewellery designerin the flourishing Saudi jewellery industry. Now she wants to expand internationally and turn the brand into a franchise

Abeer Al Bakri, Founder, Baby Crown Jewellery and Member, National Committee for Precious Metals & Gemstones, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, grew up in Madina, Saudi Arabia, and after moving to the capital city, Riyadh, she was influenced by the booming business market. After pursuing a master’s degree in business administration, she followed her passion within the jewellery industry, launching her own brand ‘Baby Crown SA’. As a member of the Businesswomen’s Committee, she provides free workshops for female entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and thrive within the market, advising and directing them to relevant authorities in the jewellery field.

Here are excerpts from a conversation The Retail Jeweller had with Al Bakri about the brand and Saudi’s gold market:

What was your inspiration for starting your brand? 

I was inspired to establish Baby Crown SA by the inner child in me. Growing up, I would go to the market and stare at the jewellery pieces. With time, I noticed a gap in the market in children’s jewellery and the lack of designs available. Years later, I found the courage to create my own jewellery brand. After much trial and error, my children’s jewellery line ‘Baby Crown SA’ was born.

Tell us about your signature collections. What inspires you to create your unique designs?

My signature collection was the first one I designed, ‘Mommy & Me’, which sparked the inspiration to create ‘Baby Crown’. It symbolizes the love and connection between a mother and a daughter comprising a half-set that includes a necklace and earrings in two sizes to fit a mother and a child. The design resembles a blue crown with diamonds, and ended up becoming Baby Crown’s signature collection.

What qualities do you look for when making a piece of jewellery? What is your favourite material to work with?

Care is the most important aspect when working on children’s jewellery pieces. Children are easily affected by the type of material used, type of earring closings, and the gold weight. Before launching Baby Crown, I attended several workshops that taught me about all the materials, gems, gemstones and precious metals. I start creating a jewellery piece by sketching an idea before thinking about materials. I ensure the quality of my pieces are safe enough for the child to wear. As we are a high-end jewellery brand, I only work with 18-karatgold. I also enjoy working with mother of pearl gemstone as it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. All my collections include colourful gemstones as each one has special meaning and purpose.

How has your journey been as a woman entrepreneur in the Middle East jewellery industry? What are the key challenges you faced? 

As a woman in the Saudi Arabia jewellery industry, it was not easy. I participated in various jewellery exhibitions and opened an online store, which helped my brand grow over the years and also helped me evolve as a female entrepreneur in the industry. In 2019, the market was mostly accessible to businessmen making it difficult for us women to achieve our goals and establish businesses. The obstacles I have faced were during the launch and gaining the business license. However, over the past few years, the jewellery market has grown and adapted to the changes within the Kingdom, becoming more accessible to female designers and entrepreneurs with government support.

How has the market in the Middle East changed over the past few years and what are the latest trends and customer tastes?

Specialized children’s jewellery brands were extremely rare in Saudi Arabia’s jewellery market, and that encouraged me to establish Baby Crown. Attending to customer tastes and trends benefits the business in many ways. I started with selling as a retailer within another jewellery store, and then noticed the market was emptier than usual. So I opened an online store which increased my earnings by a high percentage. Since 2019, the market has grown tremendously as customers developed an interest towards gems, gemstones and precious diamonds and with time, I adapted to the changes.

What steps are being taken by the National Committee for Precious Metals & Gemstones K.S.A to solidify Saudi’s position in the gem and jewellery industry of the Middle East? What is your own view of its agenda?

The National Committee for Precious Metals & Gemstones helps Saudi business owners by hosting meetings led by governmental institutes in an attempt to solve the obstacles they face. This ensures a positive business journey, with less obstacles faced, and more knowledge acquired on how to handle future issues. The committee is expanding the Saudi jewellery and gem markets in the Middle East by increasing exhibitions in the country to expand imports and exports.

Attending international exhibitions abroad offers the opportunity to create connections and relations between Saudi-based companies and the international jewellery companies. More workshops and programmes are opening to provide knowledge and advice, which help people struggling to open their own businesses. I witnessed the growth of the committee after the pandemic, and I can sense the National Committee working very hard towards its transition going onto 2030.

What are your goals for the Saudi gold and jewellery industry and what’s the next agenda for your brand?

My goal is to expand within and beyond the Kingdom. I would like more Saudi-based manufacturers to open business, and possibly open Saudi’s own gold refinery. I am positive that over the next few years, leading to 2030, the jewellery industry within the Kingdom will take over the world. My aim for my brand is to expand internationally; in the process, turning Baby Crown into a franchise.

By Bushra Satkhed

Retail Jeweller World Exclusive