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La Marquise reiterates the beauty of its high-bridal jewellery through stunning pieces



La Marquise Jewellery has come up with the concept of high-bridal jewellery, which they are making available and popularising across all their stores in the Middle East.

With numerous awards over the last few years, La Marquise has been at the forefront in terms of jewellery design and craftsmanship. From mesmerising arrangements of diamonds to unique coloured gemstones, their artisans have handcrafted exquisite pieces of art over the last four decades, that are celebrated universally. La Marquise is known for encapsulating the beauty of natural wonders, namely diamonds and precious gemstones, into exclusive pieces of art. Diamonds are forever and that is the story La Marquise tells with its extraordinary jewellery design and craftmanship.

La Marquise Jewellery is a global chain of retail boutiques with 14 locations in the UAE and including the newly opened flagship boutique at The Dubai Mall. Customers can explore and shop the entire collection in-store at Mall of the Emirates, Nakheel Mall, City Centre Mirdif, Mandarin Oriental Jumeira and other boutiques across the GCC. Customers can also cruise round the luxurious pieces and be immersed in a digital experience while ‘adding to basket’

The sheer brilliance and intricacies of the high jewellery designs is enough to make one fall in love. Offering a plethora of jewellery designs meandering between classic and contemporary design sensibilities, there are no bounds to creativity at La Marquise.


Immerse into bridal fine jewellery that is picture perfect. The diamond detailing, precision, intricacies of design and balance of colour tones that goes into every jewellery article is the foundation behind the impeccable jewellery finish and majestic allure.


Experience the whimsical spirit of precious natural gemstones amalgamated with grace of diamonds. Delve into the richness of canary yellow diamonds, ravishing rubies, verdant emeralds, and vivid blue sapphires.


The only word is ‘Yes’ when it comes to diamond rings. It symbolises the purest form of love, a pledge of undying and everlasting love to your significant other. From the engagement ring for a dream proposal to everlasting wedding bands for Him and Her. These tokens commemorate the start of a journey; a life and a bond like no other between two souls.


Bring your dreams to life with a bespoke jewellery experience like no other. This service helps design jewellery for a big day, that is a true representation of the wearer. A customer can get involved with one of La Marquise’s interactive jewellery design and production process, starting from the creative mapping of design inspiration to picking out the diamonds and gemstones. La Marquise ensures that every detail is addressed, keeping the customer involved throughout the jewellery process. Their team of award-winning designers and experienced craftsmen blow life into pencil sketches to create jewellery worth talking about. It is all about diamond jewellery that enchants both, the wearer and the audience in a sparkling trance of brilliance and splendour.

ETHICAL SOURCING La Marquise is committed to sourcing of 100% conflict-free diamonds. The jeweller ensures that their stance on sustainability and ethics is not compromised in any way during the diamond sourcing process. The diamonds are certified under the Kimberley-Process scheme, which acts as a safeguard against any diamonds sourced through conflicted means.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News