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Kooheji Jewellery just opened a new showroom in Riyadh’s Mode Al Faisaliya



Kooheji Jewellery’s newest branch in Riyadh’s Mode Al-Faisaliah Complex, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Besides some stellar designs and fantastic customer service, the newest showroom also boasts a seamless shopping experience.

All Kooheji designs are innately luxurious and created with a combination of precious and semi-precious stones. The distinctive designs and styles fuse classic and contemporary elements. Kooheji’s success is attributed to its signature designs, services, quality, and the fact that the brand is committed to offering value for money to its customers. Kooheji’s Mr Abdullah and Mr Abdul Wahed believe in upping the quality of service and the team spirit in Kooheji’s sales team, which have been the key to the label’s success and consistency.

The brand pays great attention to all aspects of jewellery making; the team examines and tests every piece made with precious stones and diamonds to ensure that they meet the standards and comply with quality indicators used at the top international institutes. This attention extends to their relationships with their customers during after-sales as well as when providing services to their customers. They are committed to helping the buyers out by constantly communicating with full transparency and honesty. This adds up since the label’s brand philosophy is: “Jewellery that you trust.”​

Written by Pranita Sawant

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