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Kimjoux’s collection offers jewellery aficionados the “customize” button



The Retail Jeweller World looks at the new 18k gold pendants and rings that can be customized as the wearer wishes — starting from the metal and stones, to a quirky engraved message

We have all had jewellery and jewellers carving magnificence through their designs and products. While we have been ensnared by the breath-taking beauty in most of the designs, how many times have we stopped ourselves from buying something because a tiny stone, or the mix of metals had us stop short?

It is in these moments that we actually sit and ask ourselves about a world where it would be so nice if we could customize what we want from a particular collection. Taking this sentiment into account, Kimjoux has launched a new collection, Kore, inspired from the Greek goddess of spring, Kore. The brand, which was started by Trang Do, fine jewellery aficionado and believer in the power of collaboration and empowerment, came from her love of old-world charms and a desire to create wearable objects with a story.

A Hanoian native, Trang has lived in London since her early teens. She grew up hearing fascinating stories of her great-grandparents as antique goods dealers with a house decorated with wooden furniture, trading interesting objects that were filled with history and stories, and some hair-raising journeys during the French colonial era. This, gave birth to a love for all things old.

When Trang moved to London as a teenager, the budding jewellery designer cut her teeth at some of the most distinguished luxury jewellery brands in the world, including Cartier, Garrard and Graff. 

 After a decade soaking up expertise in this heady world of diamonds, gemstones and luxurious jewels, Trang decided to strike out on her own. She had a vision of creating jewellery that would be personalised to the women who invested in it, just as a couture dress or a tailored suit would be – even down to monogrammed jewellery boxes. It would be an entirely bespoke experience, but with accessible, transparent prices. She has created a “Designed By You” concept based on this and won the Ethical Collection of the Year 2020 Award by Professional Jeweller. Her ethically crafted jewellery is made to be worn every day, not to be shut up in a safe.

 Kimjoux is the result of a passion and belief that if we accept and celebrate our own unique differences, we can build a legacy and lead a happy, inspiring life. The world of Kimjoux brings together the optimum experience in modern jewellery. Focusing on made-to order fine jewellery, Kimjoux collaborates with clients to create a truly personal and empowering talisman. We craft our jewellery so that it becomes an everyday staple.

The Kore collection also comes with its own story. As legend has it, Kore was kidnapped and imprisoned in the underworld but managed to break free. In doing so, she became a symbol of hope, rebirth and inner strength. 

The central motif of the Kore collection is an octagon, a traditional symbol of eternal life and renewal. These solid gold jewels are made to order, and can be customised with engraved messages or initials, and set with a birthstone of your choice. These empowering, personalised rings and pendants are inspiring talismans to remind you of your own inner strength. 

In Buddhism, the shape means completion where as in Chinese it symbolizes good luck and completeness, In Hebrew the octagon is the number of the Lord, in Taoism there are eight immortals, and in Christianity it denotes the eight beatitudes.

The collection features pendants and rings. A stunning piece from the collection is the Kore ring, which is faceted to reflect light at every movement. It has a firm, bold look yet is a lightweight ring for everyday enjoyment. It can be customized at will —stone setting, initial engraving, or a little message across the ring. Customers can pick their metal, stones and engraving online and by appointment.

All the jewellery in the collection can be customized in 18k or 14k yellow and rose gold. The gemstones one can choose from are garnets, amethysts, aquamarines, diamonds, emeralds, alexandrites, rubies, spinel, sapphires, tourmalines, topaz, and tanzanites.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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