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Keeping it personal: Jawahir Oman’s bespoke pieces do more than promise uncompromising quality



The Retail Jeweller World takes a look at the Omani brand that has been winning over customers with its personalised services

The jewellery industry has been looking at a sea-change for the last few years. While a lot of it has been the result of quick technological advancement in the sector, courtesy Covid-19, there has also been a positive change in outlook. Today, it is no longer about only buying and selling jewellery, but more about the service that a jeweller provides to sweep customers off their feet.

Lets throw the spotlight on one such jeweller in Oman. We are talking about Jawahir Oman, whose 40-year history and uninterrupted legacy has helped it achieve uncompromising standards of quality and craftsmanship in stunning, handcrafted jewellery lines, and truly beautiful sterling silver traditional gifts.

Inspired by Omani heritage and culture, the collections represent the quintessential Jawahir Oman style, which has become synonymous with high end luxury amongst the brand’s loyal patrons.The sterling silver gifts collection, named ‘The Heritage Collection’, captures the very essence of Oman’s culture, landscape and traditional design.

The driving motivation at Jawahir Omanis to provide customers with jewels that are as unique in appearanceas in spirit. The jeweller embraces the value ofdistinction, which is why they take extra carein honouring the individual wishes of the customer.

Jawahir Oman sells an assortment of in a widerange of precious metals and gemstonesfrom which customers can create theirown pieces. Whether it’s the sparkle of adiamond or an emerald, there is somethingspecial and different within each and everyone of the creations they carry and thecustomers they serve.

The jeweller’s state-of-the-art factory employs extremely skilled artisan jewellers from Oman and around the world to create refined jewels and exclusive gifts of superb high quality.

But what sets them apart?

At the heart of the Jawahir Oman showroom, tucked away behind the exquisite glass displays of unique handcrafted jewellery, is the private consultation room that enables discerning buyers to meet with expert designers and inject their own unique vision into a stunning jewellery set.

Jawahir Oman has a wedding consultation, and bespoke services that offer a compelling personal journey, fuelled by unlimited imagination and unrivalled craftsmanship.

Every creation in the Jawahir Oman collection is innovative and classic, with an unapologetic distinct style. Whether one is looking for an iconic design, or a unique gift, there is a Jawahir Oman piece that will delight anyone.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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