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Kanz jewels recently launched a new collection based on gemstones



The well-known brand Kanz Jewels from UAE launched yet another amazing jewellery collection based on gemstones. The colourful jewellery collection targets women of every generation and culture. 

Kanz Jewels found its beginnings in 1991 with Mr Anil Dhanak. A Pioneer in the field with a very rich business background, Mr Dhanak managed his joint family business of jewellery in Dubai until he set up Kanz entirely on his own from scratch. This was backed not only by his knowledge of the industry but also by a tremendous amount of courage and determination.

His vision of product designs and range of jewellery to the quality of craftsmanship and the excellent customer service makes Kanz the timeless brand that it is today. Every Kanz piece is a statement piece, unique in its own way and different to the next. What sets Kanz apart from other brands, is that every piece is hand-picked and personalized to your taste.

Starting with a team of just five, with its very first steps in the traditional Dubai Gold Souk, Kanz today boasts of its seven outlets in Gold Souk and even a special workshop for manufacturing its jewellery. Every Kanz piece is unique in its own way and different to the next. We owe this to our wide network of distributors and importers throughout the world. Kanz imports a variety of gold jewellery from Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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