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Jwaher Jewels shines with collection curated for the holy month at Jaak Ramadan Exhibition in Riyadh



The brand’s jewellery attracted the attention of visitors with its diverse and captivating designs, all inspired by the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia  

Saudi Arabia: As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, the Jaak Ramadan exhibition, held from February 14 to 17 in Riyadh, aimed to fulfill customers’ search for the latest jewellery designs across Saudi Arabia. Among other prominent local and Arab designers, showcasing distinct designs, collections and products tailored for women seeking elegant and unique pieces for Ramadan, was Saudi jewellery brand Jwaher Jewels. It made a dazzling impression at the event with each of its pieces telling a unique story, blending timeless classics with bold innovations, and reflecting exquisite craftsmanship.

“Our collection attracted the attention of visitors with its diverse and captivating designs. The exhibition provided a platform for Jwaher Jewels to unveil its creations alongside renowned names like FHK by style gallery, Abalii Jewelry, Hajer Samerrai, Signature Jewelry, Amira Karaouli Fine Jewelry, and Patricia Arango,” said Sara AlSedairi, Designer, Jwaher Jewels

“Jwaher Jewels’ story isn’t just about captivating the world, it’s about adorning it. Each jewel is a masterpiece, crafted with passion and meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the brand’s dedication to quality and cultural essence. From its online birthplace to the international spotlight, Jwaher Jewels’ growth is a testament to the power of unique design and cultural connection. Today, we stand as a symbol of modern Arabia, where tradition meets contemporary flair, and every jewel tells a captivating story,” added AlSedairi.

Notably, Jwaher Jewels began as an entity in the digital world in 2018 and has since grown into a global brand, adorning women with exquisite pieces that tell stories of Arabia. The brand’s unique designs, inspired by the rich heritage of the land, captured hearts and led to its showcase at prestigious fashion events like Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks. 

The Jaak Ramadan exhibition, held in the Motamarat District of Riyadh, offered a comprehensive array of jewellery that reflected the unique character of the holy month. From traditional to contemporary, the collections on display at Jaak Ramadan inspired visitors with their creativity and craftsmanship. The event served as a platform for designers and brands to showcase their latest creations, providing a glimpse into the trends and styles that define Ramadan lifestyle.    

Written by Bushra Satkhed

Retail Jeweller World Exclusive