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Jewellery Salon’s opulent showcase of jewellery brands in Jeddah highlights its support of Vision 2030



According to the founder of Jewellery Salon, post Vision 2030, companies in the jewellery industry would find it easier to access Saudi Arabia and establish a presence

Jeddah: After its successful run in Riyadh, Jewellery Salon was recently hosted in Jeddah, featuring striking ornaments from more than 30 international and local jewellery brands under one roof. Many of the jewellers revealed their newest collections at the event.

Haya Al-Sunaidi, Managing Director of Sunaidi Expo, Saudi Arabia and the force behind Jewellery Salon, said, “The people of Jeddah truly value exquisite jewellery, and this year, there is a noticeable emphasis on uniqueness and healthy competition among jewellers. They are presenting breathtaking pieces at highly competitive prices.”

Al-Sunaidi said that the exhibition aimed to highlight the jewellery industry, both locally and internationally, throughout the Kingdom, in support of Vision 2030. “Women (in Saudi Arabia) have a profound love for jewellery,” she said. “We aim to showcase the finest jewellery from around the world to the ladies in Saudi Arabia. We bring them the epitome of luxury and fine jewellery. Post Vision 2030, companies in this industry find it easier to access Saudi Arabia and establish a presence.”

Ferial Martinos, the show manager, said, “We had never experienced such elegant shows in Saudi Arabia before, but with time and evolution, we have reached where we are today. The last show before the pandemic was in 2019, and then in 2021, we hosted it again in collaboration with some companies. Behind this remarkable show, there is an amazing team.

“This exhibition is for those who have a passion for jewellery, and the visitors not only purchase jewellery to wear but also view it as an investment,” Martinos said.

Kartavya Jain, owner of KK Jewels, is participating for the second time in the Jewellery Salon, emphasizing the strong connection to Saudi Arabia and the speciality in diamonds, solitaires, bridal jewellery and natural-coloured gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

“Our designs, appreciated by clients in India, resonate well with our Saudi clientele due to their cultural relevance,” Jain said.

KK Jewels, a family business since 1951, was known for artistry, innovative designs and commitment to maintaining its legacy across generations, Jain said, and their collections blend traditional and modern styles, offering superior quality, pricing and service.

Moussaieff Jewellers unveiled a collection where each piece showcased craftsmanship and timeless beauty, Leslie Kegg, their marketing executive, said. “Our booth provides visitors with unmatched sophistication and artistry, guaranteeing they find the most exquisite designs and styles.”

Chiara, from the marketing department of Ferri Firenze, said, “Each collection draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, particularly from the garden of our villa, where we reimagine natural shapes into stunning pieces. With a commitment to launching new collections at least three times a year, we ensure that our designs remain fresh and dynamic, embodying the essence of Italian elegance.”

Chiara said, “Our Saudi customers are drawn to our unique pieces that stand out from the crowd, seeking distinctive shapes and a preference for diamonds. They particularly gravitate toward long pendants for Ramadan and chic chokers that exude sophistication.”

Ferri Firenze is set to draw visitors in Jeddah with their latest collections, Chiara said. The Ninfea and Elica collections, inspired by nature and architectural marvels, would be showcased at the exhibition, offering a fusion of Italian elegance and contemporary innovation. Visitors could expect a celebration of age-old traditions blended with modern allure, reflecting Italy’s rich artisanal heritage, Chiara added.

The exhibition also features a jewellery catwalk show that showcases the best pieces.

Hatoon Alkhaldi, marketing manager at Jewellery Salon, said, “This event is a dazzling showcase of creativity and elegance, bringing together the most exquisite designs from talented artisans. It is a must-visit event for all jewellery enthusiasts seeking beauty and inspiration.”

Jana, a visitor to the exhibition for the first time, said, “Every piece exuded a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication that resonated with my love for luxurious jewellery. The craftsmanship and attention to detail were simply breathtaking, making it a truly unforgettable experience.”