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Individuality and self-expression: Tanishq launches its latest collection of earrings



India’s top jewelry retailer, Tanishq, from Tata group, has launched the largest assortment of earrings in the region at its flagship store in Meena Bazaar, Dubai.

Comprising a spectacular variety of designs, styles, gemstones and shapes, ‘Stunning Every Ear’ features a staggering 1500+ pairs of earrings across 19 categories, each one with a story to tell and a personality of its own.

The range is crafted in gold and diamonds and includes designs for all occasions – daily wear, office wear, festive wear, and wedding wear. From classic gold and diamond studs to intricate designs in gold or Kundan, traditional Jhumkas (bell-shaped) to bold statement pieces, the collection is designed to change the vocabulary around earrings, embracing the boldness of modernity with a touch of tradition, to make all women stand out.

“Be it simple studs or dramatic danglers, earrings are the quintessential no-fuss piece of jewelry. They are an extension of one’s personality and the easiest way to add a touch of class, drama or color to one’s look,” said Vandana Bhalla, Marketing Head- International Business Division, Titan Company Ltd.

“Earrings can liven up a classic daytime or evening look,make one stand out during a Zoom call conversation and even act as a subtle symbol of bold self-expression. They really are the most versatile pieces in one’s jewelry box and this collection is a celebration of that,” she added.

From cluster earrings that perfectly combine gold with sparkling diamonds to fancy patterned gold, intricate floral amber halos to nature-inspired earrings, Tanishqhas it all. The elegance of pearls, the opulence of gold, it can all be found in this collection. Traditional glories celebrate the old, whilst the single stone collection will resonate with the young at heart, with each piece gracefully sitting with the riches of gold, casting a wondrous shadow that illuminates the beauty of one’s individuality.

This incredible ‘Insta-worthy’ collection is now available in store at Tanishq’s stunning flagship store in Meena Bazaar Dubai.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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