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How Kanz Jewels built itself into a strong bridal jewellery brand in the UAE



Today, the brand boasts eight outlets in the Deira Gold Souk, two in the New Gold Souk Extension, one in Meena Bazaar and one in Gold & Diamond Park in Dubai

Kanz Jewels had its beginnings when Anil Dhanak, who managed his joint family business of jewellery in Dubai, set up his own brand from scratch in 1991. ‘Kanz’ is originally an Arabic word that means ‘The Treasure’. Starting with a team of just five people, with its very first steps in the traditional Dubai Gold Souk, today Kanz has eight outlets in the Deira Gold Souk, two in the New Gold Souk Extension, one in Meena Bazaar and one in Gold & Diamond Park and a state of the art factory for manufacturing its jewellery. The brand also operates via an online jewellery store. Kanz imports a range of gold jewellery from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Spain.

“Kanz started with one shop in the Deira Gold Souk at a time when UAE was in its in early stages of growth. During this period,the majority of Kanz’s business came from local Arabs who wanted custom-made jewellery for their weddings. As the positive word of mouth about the brand grew, it became the preferred location for bridal jewellery in the UAE. With our strategic placement in Gold Souq, one will find Kanz stores at every corner to enhance the gold shopping experience,” says Anil Dhanak, Managing Director, Kanz Jewels.

Kanz Jewels specializes in gold, diamond and platinum jewellery in 18-karat, 21-karat and 22-karat gold manufactured by hand. With a dedicated quality control department in its factory, any client that enters Kanz stores will find a variety of jewellery in the UAE. Assuring customer-centric focus, the brand extends its services beyond the store providing exclusive after-sales services to every client.

“Our collection of jewellery ranges from traditional Arabic jewellery, Indian bridal wear and fancy as well as daily wear jewellery. As the needs of the clients in this area change over time, so do our designs, which are continuously updated and altered according to the latest trends. We also have a large selection of jewellery that is designed specifically for gifting,” says Arjun Dhanak, Director, Kanz Jewels.

The brand is planning to open two new stores in the New Gold Souk Extension and Deira Gold Souk.“According to Planet Tax Free, we are currently among the top 10 jewellery brands in the UAE and in the top 5 in terms of revenue (based on the tax refunds to visitors). Within our current stores, we anticipate a 15% yearly increase in new revenue over the next 5 to 10 years. Since we want to open three additional locations within the next five years, we anticipate increasing our market share by increasing our reach,” Anil Dhanak states.

Kanz Jewels also takes pride in being a pioneer in many areas of the UAE jewellery business. “We were one of the first jewellery businesses in the UAE to empower women by hiring them in our retail outlets. Additionally, we were the first in the entire UAE to offer our customers entirely digitalized tax-free invoices,” explains Arjun Dhanak.

In order to keep the present customer base interested and to turn more of its target market into potential clients, Kanz regularly organizes events like the recent Mughal-e-Azam play production in Dubai. “We also reach out to potential customers using social media sites and placing newspaper ads,” Arjun Dhanak adds.

Written by Bushra Satkhed

Retail Jeweller World Exclusive