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Geometry meets nature as Samra Jewellery introduces new ‘Azm’ range to its Turath collection



Symbolising the daring steps people take in life, Azm is a geometric symbol made with octagonal layers using suspended Tiger Eye stones enclosed in prisms

Samra Jewellery has unveiled the latest addition ‘Azm’ to its Turath collection, which is a reinvention of Arabian classic artistry and traditions. The collection offers different jewellery pieces handcrafted in conflict-free, recycled 18-karat gold, diamonds, mother of pearl and malachite. The new range is a geometric symbol created with octagonal layers using suspended Tiger Eye stones encapsulated in prisms to represent the brave steps people take in life.

Azm Turath, which translates to “determination” in English, is a symbol of aspirations, endurance, and direction which adds to the existing collection’s modern representation of transcribed art and geometry inspired by the intricate Arabesque motifs originated from Arabian history. Geometrically handcrafted in 18-karat yellow gold, tiger eye stones and diamonds, it features a breakthrough in design, courage and direction.

Previous pieces from the Turath collection

Earlier, this collection consisted of nine different ranges each having their own unique style and narrative.

Classic Turath: A reinvention of Arabian classic artistry and traditions.

Birwaz Turath: A silhouette of Turath, Birwaz Turath features the mesmerizing patterns of ornate Arabian heritage through Birwaz Turath.

Dibla Turath: This range offers innovative rings designed to be stacked, played with, and contrasted.

Muftah Turath: Inspired by the traditional keys of the region carrying the heritage of intricate Arabesque designs from Arabian Art, Muftah Turath is an amulet into unknown worlds. Symbolizing freedom and treasuring precious moments, Muftah Turath is, in essence, an opener of hearts. 

Oud Turath: Oud Turath follows a rectangular shape inspired by the bark of Oud, a fragrant, dark resinous wood highly pertinent to the traditions of the Arabian region.

Ward Turath: Ward Turath is a symbol of the ornate Arabesque floral patterns found within the depths of classic Arabian Artistry.

Thahab Turath: Thahab Turath is an addition to the conceptual redesign of traditional elements in Arabian Art history and heritage. The collection is an expression of minimalism and delicate addition to stack and layer with other pieces from Turath.

Qalb Turath: Qalb Turath follows a geometric heart shape inspired by the intricate motifs entwined with calligraphic translations as a reinvention of folklore and traditions illustrating modernity.

Harf Turath: Harf Turath is a collection celebrating the intricate Arabesque motifs and artistry from Arabian history through a personalized touch of letters, keeping the essence of someone close to the heart.

Established in 1941, House of Samra commemorates the third generation of family jewellers and is preceded by the family’s impeccable reputation and history in the gold and diamond industry. In the Gulf region, the brand has grown to be associated with creativity, innovation, and high quality. With the rarest gemstones, unmatched skill, and considerable experience in designing jewels that emphasise the Samra ideology, Samra blends measures of quality, design, and competence into its pieces of jewellery. Samra’s mission is to find beautiful jewellery of the finest calibre for today’s self-assured, aware, and empowered lady.  Samra proposes a proactive approach to promoting sustainable methods of managing the social and environmental practises.

Written by Bushra Satkhed

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