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For Dasani Connoisseurs, the idea of ‘everyday jewellery’ hit the bull’s eye



What worked for this brilliant startup in Dubai? It was asking the right questions. The Retail Jeweller World dives into Kapil Dasani’s world for a wider angle

When did you discover your love for jewellery?

I have always wondered why people wait for special occasions to wear bold jewellery. So, one day, an idea struck me. Why not create jewellery for everyday use so people can wear them daily, at home and to work?The style statement would be stunning and I wanted the idea to be a winner.

What kind of designs do you think do well? What inspires yours?

I’m a profound traveller and the marvels and stories I gather along the way never fail to trigger my imagination. What inspires me is that precious jewellery can be worn every day. I have hardly come across any woman who does not have at least one piece of jewellery on her. They adore jewellery. My designs, thus, concentrate on the every-day factor. These designs do well.

How did you begin your journey? What prompted you to create your own brand?

My own brand is a result of a clear question: What can be done for jewellery lovers so that they can wear jewellery all the time? People often find it difficult to wear heavy jewelleryunless there is an occasion or festivity. I also wanted to become their answer for a place where you get 18k gold diamond jewelleryfor yourself or for gifting. My designs are for the women of today — anything that can be styled and worn every day. I fell in love with this field and have never given a thought of going back.

How would you describe your style?  What is your design language?

A contemporary design can be encrypted in everyday wear for women of all ages. At the same time, it should represent strength, completeness and femininity. My designs are a genuine appreciation uniqueness.

How do you think the jewellery industry in the Middle East has evolved with time?

The Middle East is such a lively artistic hub and there’s a lot more to do and perceive. Today’s buyers are very cheerful and know exactly what they want. So, the industry in the Middle East has evolved much dynamically.

What is the jewellery start-up scenario like in Dubai? What does a jeweller need to make his brand a success in the region?

Dubai is so welcoming for startups. The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre assists you with world-class services, helps with all the necessary license, supports networking opportunities, offers flexible office setups and an easy application procedure to help you grow your business. A jeweller needs an acceptance of his brand in the market, and it happens when a beautiful journey for jewellery has a strong aesthetic and narrative design, which you can find in my collection at Dasani Connoisseur. We received a tremendous response from our clients online. I feel extremely proud to say that we are the fastest-growing jewellerybrand in this region and have more than 1,000 clients now. Our Google ratings and reviews are increasingly positive and overwhelming.

Do you have any favourite metal or gemstone you like experimenting with?

As a zealous lover of jewellery, gold is my all-time favourite metal as it very durable, and a variety of daily-wear jewellery can be crafted with gleaming metal gold. A gemstone is simply gorgeous! Yet, if I have to choose, I would twist jewellery with emeralds, sapphires and rubies. In the semi-precious gemstone line, I would love to create soul-touching jewellery with malachite, turquoise, and lapis lazuli.

Talk to us about some of your most memorable collections.  What is your personal favouritetill date?

All our collections celebrate the beauty of perfection — classic pieces women want in their jewellery box. The most mesmerizing of our collections is our “Princess Emerald Ring”, a piece that regales in uniqueness and splendour. It is our top-seller jewellery and adored by our clients, retailingat 5,900 AED. What touches me the most is when I see to-be fathers gifting our pieces to their wives as a token of love.

What are your feelings about sustainable jewellery designing? How do you incorporate that in your work?

The incredible thing about fine jewellery is that it will stay with us for a lifetime and holds an enduring value. We stand ready for sustainable jewellery as the pandemic has changed how people live and work. For example, we see a growing appreciation for lab-grown diamonds now because mining natural diamonds has an adverse effect on the environment. These diamonds have the same look and feel, and are only conceived in a lab instead of a mine. The physical attributes remain the same. It’s a positive change and we would probably venture into this market too to promote more sustainability in our operations. I feel, in the coming years, lab-grown diamonds jewellery will bloom in the markets.

Where do you think retailers and manufacturers need to improve when it comes to the jewellery industry in the UAE?

The future seems promising. Retailers should be keener to craft trendy and happening designs that people love to wear every day. Manufacturing units should use gemstones jusiciously.

2021 is the beginning of a new decade, what is your vision for your organization and the overall jewellery industry of the region? 

The jewellery market in the Middle East is expected to double its growth in the coming years. And as a start-up, I am keen on trends. I would like to add in lab-grown diamonds at a competitive price. Women in the Middle East are fond of designer jewellery and keen on modern designs that they can style according to their attire. I want to bring the surprise element for them.

What have been the learnings from the pandemic for our jewellery industry?

We have always chased the future, but the pandemic has taught us to live in the moment and enjoy our life to the fullest.

What products according to you have done well in the UAE/ Region this year in terms of Gold / Diamonds/colour gemstones/platinum/anything else and if there are any specific trends.

Our jewellery spreads values of love and peace. All famous brands thrive to craft jewellery for everyday wear. Glamorous gemstones and gold wrist chains are loved.Besides, UAE residents stack their abayas, tassels, designer bangles, rings and bracelets artistically. We have trendy rings that can be worn on the tip of your fingers for more grandeur.

How do you see the post-pandemic and current scenario in retail?

Now, everything is at your fingertips. The pandemic has changed the retail market to online shopping. Clients can sit in their homes, select jewellery, and get them delivered to their doorsteps. We have also reaped the benefits and I urge everyone to visit us at

How has digital media and technology helped the jewellery business, and what would you like to see more?

The arrival of digital and social media has changed the dynamics of marketing with handles like Instagram, Snapchat, etc, where shopping is easy and fun. Alluring pictures and apt content makes us more engaging and a better choice for our customers.

What is your advice for budding designers?

I urge young designers to plan and create sustainable, light-weight, everyday jewellery. Being minimalistic yet happening with a jest of personalization brings joy to your consumers. Feed them with privilege so theu remain your sparkling connoisseurs forever.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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