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Fingertip rings: discover the new jewellery silhouette with Nour by Jahan



Adorn your fingers with Nour by Jahan’s new additions to the ‘Passion’ collection.

The curve of your fingertips becomes a chic showcase for jewels in the hands of Nour by Jahan, which brings a contemporary cool to heritage pieces.

Lacing rubies, sapphires and diamonds around your fingers, the new ‘Passion’ fingertip rings cut sweeping architectural silhouettes, making an elegant showcase for the mixed-cut stones.

The making of fingertip rings

‘Creating these fingertip rings was a very challenging process,’ says brand founder Nour Jahan. ‘I start by drawing the first sketch with a pen and paper. I then create the 3D design of the piece on the computer. A lot of time was put into the prototype of these pieces before achieving the final mounting to produce the perfect shape for fingertip rings. These pieces were made to fit any woman’s fingers.’

It takes her a minimum of six months to create the pieces. ‘In fact, sourcing and assembling rubies and blue sapphires of the same exact shade of blue or red colour is challenging,’ she adds. ‘We then re-cut them into the perfect rose-cuts gemstones to mount them on these pieces. A very high level of craftsmanship and skill is required for this special collection. A confident hand and the finest of expertise is needed to apply custom-made coloured rhodium very delicately and precisely on the 18ct gold surrounding the gemstones. Only a limited number of our artisans in the Jahan Geneva factory are experts in this work.’

The results celebrate the purity of the gemstones to vivid effect: positioned at the end of the finger, they catch the light in an aesthetically pleasing nod to the henna traditions of the Middle East that inspired them. Says Jahan: ‘The henna art drawn on women’s hands is culturally used in joyous celebrations such as weddings or birthdays. The henna paste represents good health, prosperity and fertility.’


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