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Etika Jewels partners with Diamond Foundry to bring carbon-neutral lab-grown diamonds to the UAE



The brand has collaborated with the Leonardo DiCaprio-backed company, and aims to enrichits jewellery offerings and empower conscious consumer choices in the region’s flourishing market

Dubai-based jewellery retailer Etika Jewels has partnered with California-based the Diamond Foundry, backed by Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, to bring carbon-free diamonds to the UAE.The partnership will expand Etika Jewels’ offerings to include carbon-neutral lab-grown diamonds in addition to its existing lab-grown diamond collection.

Basma Chaieri, Founder of Etika Jewels

The new offerings, which will be produced in the US, will feature carbon-neutral diamond options in an array of solitaires from 0.8 carats and above. Rings will also come with certificates from the Diamond Foundry.

The UAE start-up, founded by Basma Chaieri in 2022, aims to empower customers to make more mindful choices when purchasing trendy jewellery.

Said Basma Chaieri, “Our mission at Etika Jewels is to give customers access to responsible jewellery with distinctive features while empowering them to spend consciously. As part of our continued commitment to sustainability, we are excited to partner with the best innovators in the sector like Diamond Foundry and be the first to offer a revolutionary diamond concept in the UAE.”

“By providing carbon-free lab-grown diamonds that are celebrity-approved, we hope to inspire change in the local diamond industry and give customers a chance to look their best with stand-out pieces, without worrying about impact on the environment and other stakeholders,” Chaieri added.

These machines make carbon-free diamonds. 

Lab-grown diamonds are visually, physically, and chemically identical to mined diamonds, but have minimum adverse effects on the planet. The Diamond Foundry uses cutting-edge technology to grow diamonds in laboratories with zero-carbon emissions using a hydropower-led process. By replicating extreme natural conditions, the technology forms diamonds of the highest quality and avoids the environmental and ethical tolls of mining.