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Etika Jewels become the first & only jewellery retailer in the UAE to offer carbon-free diamonds



The sustainable jewellery brand has collaborated with Diamond Foundry to offer unique carbon-neutral lab-grown diamonds made using renewable energy

Etika Jewels, a Dubai-based sustainable online jewellery retailer has become the first and only jewellery retailer to provide carbon-free diamonds in the UAE through its exclusive collaboration with Diamond Foundry – a California-based innovative lab-grown diamond manufacturer. The partnership will expand Etika Jewels’ offerings to include carbon-neutral lab-grown diamonds in addition to their existing ethical lab-grown diamond collection while empowering customers to make more mindful choices when purchasing trendy and timeless jewellery.

Etika Jewel’s latest additions offer carbon-neutral diamond options in a vast selection of solitaires from 0.8 carats and above. These investment-grade diamond rings also come with certificates from Diamond Foundry referencing their diamonds’ unique characteristics and the Diamond Foundry’s Producer Lifetime Warranty. Being ethically and sustainably produced in the USA, these diamonds represent the future of responsible luxury with zero carbon footprint attached.

Lab-grown diamonds are visually, physically, and chemically identical to mined diamonds while having minimum adverse effects on the planet. Etika Jewels’ collaboration with Diamond Foundry, enables them to now provide sustainable lab-grown diamonds made using renewable energy. The Diamond Foundry is the first and only diamond producer in the world using cutting-edge proprietary technology to grow diamonds in laboratories with zero carbon emissions thanks to a hydropower-led process. By replicating extreme natural conditions, the technology forms diamonds of the highest quality and avoids the environmental and ethical tolls of mining. Extreme heat from novel plasma reactors and precise engineering parts cause carbon atoms to stack on top of a tiny diamond foundation, gradually extending to its unique crystal structure and developing into a jewellery-grade lab-grown diamond, atomically identical to its mined counterpart.

Producing some of the finest-quality lab-grown diamonds and gems themselves with drastically less environmental impact than traditionally mined diamonds, Etika Jewels’ partnership with Diamond Foundry is a step towards transforming the ethical standards in the diamond industry for the better. The collaboration ensures that the exact history of each diamond is secured through a vertically integrated supply chain allowing for complete transparency throughout the entire process.

Diamond Foundry’s carbon-neutral diamonds have experienced international acclaim leading them to work with established conscious jewellery brands such as VRAI, Ana Khouri, and Delfina Delettrez. Additionally, Diamond Foundry has been well received by high-profile figures with their diamonds being worn on the red carpet by celebrities like Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and Emma Watson. The brand has also attracted investment from Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio.

Courtesy: Etika Jewels