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Eternal happiness is evermore’s promise this summer



Evermore’s summer collection, Eternal Happiness, is designed to exceed your wildest expectations! How? Read on.

Eternal Happiness is an ode to that moment that deserved to be captured in a piece of jewellery forever, one that was unlimited in its essence.

When designing this collection, the Evermore design team stepped into ‘her’ shoes.  

Evermore’s her is ageless; she could be young and free-spirited or mature and worldly, a working woman or stay-at-home mom; newly engaged or married for many years; a thrill-seeker or a bibliophile. This collection captures the moment she celebrates herself, receiving more than she expected, allowing her to flaunt more of the greatness within her.

Evermore expressed this design essence into a collection of exquisite necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings- each unique piece is crafted with unbridled imagination using lab grown diamonds that deliver more size, sparkle, and shine, exceeding customer expectations.

Beyond timeless classics, Evermore’s Eternal Happiness collection has new settings, use of fancy shape diamonds in styles never seen. In shapes like the pear, emerald and round, the versatility and ethical practices used to create these symbols of devotion and love make them even more meaningful.

The classic tennis bracelet, for example, gets an eco-conscious upgrade thanks to Evermore with round and brilliant cut lab grown diamonds that allow the wearer to shine the brightest.

“Eternal happiness is something we all aspire to, but we forget that it is through our own joy that we are most abundant. This collection is designed to allow the wearer to feel more whilst getting more. Our promise of bigger, brighter, and bolder remains steadfast and we hope that when you do wear jewellery from this collection you feel more than perfect, shine the brightest and experience genuine and eternal happiness,”said Rohan Siroya, CEO, Evermore by Siroya ALTR.

EVERMORE diamonds are engineered from just carbon, mimicking the process of diamond creation that takes place under the earth, making them chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds. Made to order, these stones also have a pristine purity about them and are classified type 2, purer than 98% of the world’s diamond supply- like the rarest jewels in the world such as the Kohinoor and the Millennium Star. Consequently, they are better for the environment, do not exploit human labour and enjoy a low carbon footprint.

“Lab grown diamonds are diamonds with a conscience – rare, beautiful, and luxurious in their own way. As a regional game-changer we are excited to be showcasing our vision with our first collection representing responsible luxury for the modern-day consumer,” added Siroya.

The EVERMORE Eternal Happiness collection is currently available at Siroya Jewellers outlets across the UAE, and at luxury boutiques in London and Bahrain. For an appointment with Evermore Jewellery experts – contact on +917585958497 or email

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News