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El Mawardy Jewellers drops a new social media campaign for the holiday season



El Mawardy is making an effort to connect with its loyal customer base and potential buyers through pop quizzes on its social media platforms. The brand has joined hands with celebrity stylist Yasmine Kewani to introduce this venture. Apart from pop quizzes, the brand has also produced videos on how to style their jewellery with various styles for the holiday and festive seasons, aimed at helping buyers make better purchases.

El Mawardy is a pioneer in the jewellery field. The brand was the first to bring overseas designs to Egypt. It was also the first business to open up a factory equipped with the latest technologies in jewellery craftsmanship. They were also the first to perfect the revolutionary invisible setting (and repair any broken stones that resulted from it). The brand stands out due to its unrivalled quality, which has allowed them to grow a strong customer base founded on loyalty and consistency. They provide the finest materials at very competitive product prices. Their diamonds are top-notch, VVS clarity specimens that promise terrific optical performance.

The brand is always at the forefront of innovation. On the design level, they can fulfil all of your specs and have all customized orders ready within two weeks.

Besides their technical skills, it’s their human resource unit which is pushing boundaries with its user-friendly approach. More than 200 trained specialists are employed by the brand to help their customers. Their sales team is also committed to fulfilling all of your needs and is prepared to go over and beyond to meet your expectations.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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