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Dusoul’s first boutique in Dubai layers fine jewellery through a portal of transparency

Dhamani Jewel’s Dusoul is a name that excites all millennial women because of the versatility that the pieces offer. The Retail Jeweller World takes a look at the wondrous store that the brand opened in Dubai’s City Centre Mirdif.

A new boutique is always a new door that speaks of the beautiful stairway to success. The same holds true for Dhamani group, which opened a Dusoul boutique to serve the northern emirates and win them over with their beautiful product line. To be found at the City Centre Mirdif in Dubai, the boutique promises exquisite pieces, and the right amount of sparkle for the modern woman.

What sets the Dhamani group apart? While the creations that they house in their display windows exude the kind of charm and grace that is not unknown to the women in the Emirates, it is also their strong desire to serve jewellery aficionados. The strong research that the marketing team puts in is very smart, as it allows them to identify the gaps in the market, hence the creation of a trendy product line that suits the taste of any region — quite the modern sparkle that does people good.

This flagship 44.3-square-metre store, Dusuol’s first, aims to serve UAE Nationals and expats in the area. It is a great opportunity for the jeweller as they have partnered with a leading developer, MAF, to give the same Dusoul experience in a new location.

“We have a spectrum of jewellery at this boutique ranging from bridal to gifting. Moreover, we have our international brands, Lenti Villasco and Moraglione from Italy, that will provide a dynamic jewellery choice to our customers. We will also be featuring our Zayna collection which has bridal and Arabic designs,” said Srishti Dhamani, marketing and CRM officer, Dhamani Jewels.

The storefront design features elements developed to reflect important brand attributes, and assembled as complementary parts. Dusoul Mirdif was designed as the flagship store which would bring together all the brand elements for the retail storefront, also allowing future iterations of the design to be scalable, based on site conditions, using storefront elements as each lease space allows.

This includes an elegant “portal element”, which provides a formal entry into the space. The storefront glazing is at full height, to allow the kind of transparency that the brand represents, providing a full and compelling visual. The interior displays are arranged near the windows, then the window treatments consisting of layered sheer and beaded curtains are arranged to allow multiple presentations of the storefront (variable levels of transparency), as well as create a layered, flowing and feminine treatment to reflect the brand attributes, and resonate with the target customers- millennial women.

The pieces sold here are spread over a wide price point. From lightweight to moderately heavy necklaces, pendants, bangles and bracelets, there is also Dusoul’s signature studded jewellery encrusted in diamonds. Their rings are worth a million delectable sighs of pleasure. They start from $250 and go up to $100,000. Dusoul’s retail experience is further enhanced by innovative technology, offering unique, and state-of-the-art digital display software, allowing real-time social media interaction between the brand and clients. Live broadcasting of all social media with a Dusoul tag will be automatically displayed on screens in-store. As a brand, they also have an in-house, award-winning designer to customize and create pieces that one desires.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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