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Dubai’s Mas Jewels sieves a woman’s beauty through a prism of empowerment



A love story of nature and superior craftsmanship, Mas Jewels is making waves in the market for its unparalled demonstration of design and vision. The Retail Jeweller World discovers the wonderful Dubai-based brand that is slowly making its way into many kindred hearts with their exquisite and multifunctional designs

Created with the notion to create an expression of identity, Mas Jewels is not only a fine jewellery label, but a concept that symbolises inner force and strength, undeterring resilience and an effortless grace. With an array of intricately detailed lines, the label created by Fatma Husam and Noura Sarraj celebrates the inner beauty of women; all whilst empowering them to be a force of change.

The Dubai-based fine jewellery label has introduced four core collections, Hayma, Etlala, Melikah and Sidra. Each one of these collections is designed in safe alignment with nature — playing with design, detailing and concept. Moreover, the brand also highlights a superior sense of craftsmanship and technique. All in all, it spells beauty in the most unique fashion.

Making waves in the market for its unparalleled demonstration of design and vision, Mas Jewels is the must-know fine jewellery brand.

 Their Eid collections, called Hayma and Etlala, take inspiration from the desert and its glory, which includes the element of the sun. They are crafted in pearls to look like they are made through a sand grain.

Most of Mas Jewels’ pieces are multifunctional and all can be worn in many ways. Their collections are dedicated to every woman who enjoys wearing unique elegant pieces made with love.

The materials used are gold and diamonds, as well as gemstones such as malachite, Mother of Pearl and Rose Quartz. The product category is so diverse, with chokers, necklaces, anklets, earrings, ear cuffs, bangles, rings  and even a baby collection and so much more. One can even alternate through the colour of the earrings by purchasing their earring placements.

“We’ve got collections for everyday wear such as Anda, the Hayma thread bracelets, and even our Hayma signature collection. There are our Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day necklaces. Our Sedra collection is loved and very practical as well. If you want something more glamorous Etlala is definitely an eye-catching collection,” said Husam.

“Overall, the product diversity fits to any occasion and the best part is the many ways in which each piece can be worn. They are very practical, and can be either dressed up or down,” said Sarraj.

Mas Jewel’s price points range from as little as 1400 dhs to 33,000 dhs. Most of the pieces are readily available. If not, they can always be ordered and take about two weeks to be manufactured. They are very much online through their website and Instagram page @masjewels. “The initial response when we dropped our Hayma collection was amazing. Everyone loved it and we sold out very quickly. It is very heart-warming to see how our hard work paid off so nicely,” said Husam.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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