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Dubai designer Niharika Momtaz sweeps Africa with her men’s jewellery collection ‘Love & Promise’



Presenting at the Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria, held in Abuja, she challenged the confines of gender norms, empowering men to unabashedly don any jewellery that resonates with their individuality

The Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria, held in the heart of Abuja recently, became a resplendent celebration of diversity within the African fashion landscape. It provided a dynamic platform for fashion connoisseurs and design experts to converge and explore the ever-evolving fashion and jewellery trends in Africa.

Stealing the spotlight amidst this fashion extravaganza was the ingenious Bangladeshi designer, Niharika Momtaz. Coming from Dubai, Niharika unveiled her latest masterpiece, the ‘Love & Promise’ men’s jewellery collection. This opulent collection seamlessly married contemporary elegance with whimsical nostalgia, intricately weaving together elements of art, culture, and history. Each piece is a testament to Niharika’s creative prowess and her ability to craft jewellery that transcends conventional boundaries.

Challenging Norms

At the heart of Niharika’s collection lies a powerful message of inclusivity and self-expression. “Many of my collections are designed to be unisex,” Niharika emphasised passionately. Her designs challenge conventional stereotypes and disrupt the confines of gender norms, empowering men to unabashedly don any jewellery that resonates with their individuality. This progressive outlook echoes a call for a more open-minded and liberated approach to fashion and self-presentation.

A Global Trailblazer

Niharika Momtaz’s creative odyssey has graced the grandest stages of the global fashion arena. Her exquisite creations adorned the coveted Tiffany’s Red Carpet Week during the 71st and 72nd Cannes Film Festivals, impeccably representing the essence of Bangladesh on the international platform. Her illustrious journey also encompassed prestigious roles, such as a jury member and official fashion consultant for ‘Miss Universal 2018’, held in Turkey. Her indelible footprint can be traced across eminent fashion weeks in London, Dubai, and Sri Lanka, adding a touch of her distinctive artistry to each.

A Creative Evolution

Hailing from Chattogram, Bangladesh, Niharika embarked on her foray into clothing design at the tender age of 18. A decade-long sojourn in the world of corporate finance took her on a detour, but her passion for creativity ultimately beckoned her back. She now channels her boundless talent into crafting exquisite jewellery and fashion labels. Notably, her jewellery labels, ‘Outliner’ and ‘1972’ Couture Jewellery, were conceived as a result of this rekindled inspiration.

The Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria welcomed an array of distinguished guests, including celebrities, political dignitaries, renowned designers and ardent fashion enthusiasts. The confluence of these diverse personalities underscored the event’s significance in fostering cultural exchange and global fashion dialogues.

At the event, Niharika Momtaz’s ‘Love & Promise’ collection shone as a beacon of progressive fashion, reminding us that style knows no bounds and that every piece of jewellery is a narrative waiting to be worn. As Africa embraced this exciting fashion movement, it paved the way for a future where individuality reigns supreme and fashion becomes a bridge that connects hearts and cultures across the world.