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Digital marketing through Facebook: L’azurde shows how it’s done



With its Facebook ads bringing them 66% of their sales online for the new Miss L’ line, L’azurde has shown the jewellery world how to spin magic with digital marketing

L’azurde promoted a wonderful collection through its Miss L’ line, which celebrated Saudi National Day. The exclusive collection was a statement in pride for the nation, and also had bespoke craftsmanship in every collection. The jewel in the crown was a necklace that was designed on the Saudi map.

The advertisements run by the brand saw an unprecedented response across social media. The increase in online purchases was a robust 66% when compared to the previous period when it promoted an exclusive collection to celebrate Saudi National Day with eye-catching Facebook photo and carousel ads.

The jewellery brand, along with the digital agency, Merkle, came up with a stunning plan, one which used the carousel format as a tool to display its products and pricing information. The photo ads featured the Saudi map necklace and all the ads linked viewers to the website’s landing page for the collection, thus opening up a wide line of products, each prettier than the next one. The buying process was extremely simplified, with a customer buying a product at a few simple clicks. At a time when digital is the way to go, this process ensured that a traditional sector like that of the jewellery arena could make the most of digital offerings allowed by Facebook.

Young women of Saudi Arabia were in for a treat because analytics and data science were used to great effect by L’azurde and each person saw what interested them the most. Thus, the clicks led to a gorgeous website, and more buyers came in. The team used the Facebook pixel feature to track every footfall on the landing page, got the details of the browsing sessions, how much time a buyer spent on a design and so forth. Not only did they sell, but also figured out which designs work in the Saudi market. All in one, a masterstroke.

“Miss L’s trend-led jewellery enables customers to express their style and create stories through the styles they wear and gift to their loved ones.

With Facebook and Merkle, we were able to leverage Saudi National Day to promote exclusive pieces and offers in a campaign specifically designed for the Saudi customer. This resulted in significantly increased sales, achieved cost-efficiently,” said May Kanounji, Chief Digital and Customer Officer, L’azurde.

L’azurde is a leading jewellery designer, manufacturer and distributor in the Middle East. Its Miss L’ brand, which is designed with young and trendy lovers of gold jewellery in mind, is sold both online and in various stores across the Gulf region and Egypt. To drive the best possible return on ad spend, L’azurde used campaign budget optimisation and automatic placements for this short campaign. This ensured that the ads were shown in the placements that were most likely to drive the desired results, with budget being automatically allocated to the ad sets with the best opportunities for sales.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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