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Devji Aurum launched a new collection called ‘Abhushan’



The Abhushan collection is Aabhushan- means Adornment in Sanskrit, Gold as a metal has adorned great civilizations. This collection comprises the myriad possibilities of craftsmanship, while retaining the brilliant yellow sheen, which is unique to pure gold. The collection is comprehensive with a vast variety of choices in Necklaces, Chains, Earrings, Rings, Pendants, Bangles, Bracelets and Anklets. Devji was established in 1950; the name stands for gold and has earned a formidable reputation in the GCC for providing the best in jewellery to its loyal clientele.

The brand is built on a solid repute that spans more than half a century. Every Devji product is accompanied by the four invisible labels of purity, quality, craftsmanship and value. The brand strives to always give valuable clientele the best. The finishing technique at Devji since 1950 marries both tradition & technology to bring out the vivid yellow color in gold. The treatment provided helps jewelry retain its sheen for years to come.

Written by Pranita Sawant


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