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Damas Jewellery’s new collection Alif symbolizes women’s empowerment



Damas Jewellery, leading jewellers in the GCC, recently launched a new collection called Alif, symbolizing women’s empowerment and independence. The collection is characterized by the majestic first letter of the Arabic alphabet as its hero motif, beautifully signifying strong roots, proud origins and the core pillar as ‘Assel’ in Arabic.

The honorary symbol celebrates women in the GCC who inspire and continue to contribute to life and society within the Arab world. With simplistic and modern jewellery pieces that denote recognition of the region’s women, the Alif collection celebrates their achievements as integral pillars of today’s society.

Bayt Damas is the region’s first lifestyle destination which brings together limited-edition luxurious jewellery pieces, art and fashion together under one roof to create a home of exceptional creativity and craftsmanship. Founded in 1907, Damas Jewellery is one of the leading jewellers in the Middle East.

After joining the house as chairman and CEO in April 2020, Luc Perramond turned, restructured and repositioned the business to create a leaner organization. A shift in consumer preferences increased during the pandemic and was accompanied by a change for the brand and the industry.

“The future is with strong brands,” says Perramond. “People want brands and the safety of a brand umbrella. They want the emotional connection and the brand to stand behind their products.”

A design-led jewellery house, Damas is one of the few brands from the region to compete with international labels such as Cartier and Bulgari. The company’s competitive advantage lies in its positioning, enabling it to cater to a broader customer base. Damas operates 150 stores across the Gulf region, with close to 3 million customers in the Middle East.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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