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Damas Jewellery introduces new Trio range as part of its Revolve collection



The collection offers different necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants with a moving mechanism crafted from 18 karat yellow, rose and white gold 

Damas has added a new Trio range to its Revolve collection, which celebrates the power of love through its repetition of delicate diamond and gold layers. A nod to the kinetic jewellery trend, the new Revolve jewellery has innovative designs made of layered discs with moving elements of spinning gold.

Revolve Trio

The Revolve Trio collection has necklaces, earrings and rings crafted from 18 karat yellow, rose and white gold and feature overlapping circles in a setting of 0.249 carat of round, brilliant cut diamonds. This can be worn on their own or matched with other precious jewellery.  

Revolve Diamond pendant chains

This design features 18 karat rose gold sliding chain and a pendant made of layered discs with moving elements that become holistic and therapeutic, connecting the body and mind. To further elevate the design, the pendant is embellished with 0.35-carat brilliant round diamonds from both sides, making it perfect for everyday outfits and for occasion wear.

Another pendant from this collection features two 18-karat yellow gold cable chains and a pendant made of layered discs with a moving mechanism embellished with 0.27-carat brilliant round diamonds from both sides.

Previous pieces from the Revolve collection

Earlier, this collection consisted of diamond rings, earrings and pendants made of layered hollowed discs providing a lighter option. The pendants had two 18-karat rose gold chains and a pendant and 0.13-carat brilliant round diamond halos alternated with the plain gold discs. Set in 18 karat pure yellow gold, the hoop earrings feature an open circle design, with overlapping centre-hollowed discs and 0.14-carat diamonds.

Damas Jewellery was founded in 1907 to offer goldsmith services in the Middle East. In 1959, their first store opened at the Gold Souq in Dubai, and they introduced the trading of Gulf natural pearls in 1962. By 1970, the brand started wholesale gold operations and three years later, Damas Jewellery imported the first diamond-cutting machine for producing diamond-cut bangles and wedding bands. By 1985, the brand started selling international brands in its retail outlets and later launched its own brands, such as Damas Classics, Vera, OneSixEight and Farfasha. In 1995, Damas Jewellery established the Diamond Division to manage the sourcing of loose stones and finished customized diamond jewellery.

Damas Jewellery started expanding its business to the GCC and MENA regions in 2000 and, over the last two decades, introduced House of Jewellery Design to offer luxury Arabian aesthetics in innovative jewellery, craftsmanship and design integrity and Bayt Damas, Middle East’s first lifestyle destination which brings limited-edition luxurious jewellery pieces, art and fashion under one roof.

Written by Bushra Satkhed

Retail Jeweller World Exclusive