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Damas’ Fireworks Collection is sure to blow your minds



The iconic brand’s latest collaboration with award winning designer Vinita Michael speaks of minimalistic confidence that will light one up at any juncture of life

Its iconic, its smart, its in vogue, and it is sure to blow your mind away.

Damas, the icon in the universe of jewellery houses, has decided to take the art of creative gemmology up by a level. This is the era to do something breath-taking and unique, an offering with a difference, and the brand has done just that. The jewellery house collaborated with award-winning designer Vinita Michael to come up with a collection called Fireworks.

The design palate is edgy, just like the sparks that fly off a firecracker in the sky, in a shower of magnanimous brilliance.

Bursting with vibrant colours and bold demeanour, the collaboration celebrates life that is unpredictable, full of thorns and petals, and exhilarating moments. The collection has three lines of jewellery and all of them are statements in diamonds, coloured stones and semi-precious gems.

Fireworks are a symbol of celebration. The Fireworks collection too, is an inspiration, celebrating life, refracting and bouncing off colours that are extraordinary in a design framework that is incredible. It is innovative and allows one piece to be worn in multiple ways, which is what a modern woman looks for when they shop for minimalistic jewellery. In comes a bracelet that can also be used as a choker, or a ring that can double up as a pendant. The world is an oyster and one can style the jewellery in any number of ways.

Versatile and spontaneous, the collection is a bold expression of every woman’s style and personality as they celebrate their own journey in life.

While the stupendously designed necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are part of the collection, it also offers uniqueness with ear cuffs, palm cuffs, nail cuffs, chokers, and midi rings, each having the capacity to stun as a show-stopper. The alluring hues and sparkles of the pieces show careful expertise and smart curation of an extraordinary assortment of gemstones that speak of strength and confidence, at the same time celebrating the undeniable passion for life.

“Each design in the Fireworks collection is crafted using intricate design innovation, bringing to the region the most versatile and unique statement-pieces which can be worn in a number of ways including these earrings, which can be worn and styled in multiple ways to express every strong women’s style and personality,” said Michael. For more than 100 years, Damas has used its creativity, innovation, and expertise to tell stories of beauty. Today, alongside Vinita Michael, the brand has encapsulated the pinnacle of celebration in its craft, cherishing none other than the beauty of life itself.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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