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Damas extends its vaccination drive to all branches, inoculates 95% retail staff in UAE and Bahrain



The global jewellery brand has taken it upon itself to vaccinate all its front-line retail staff, to add that extra barrier of protection against Covid-19 as they go about conducting their business uninterrupted.

At a time when the entire world is struggling to adjust to the “new normal”, that is, to ensure that life goes on uninterrupted despite the turbulence caused by the virus, it is only but natural to take measures to safeguard oneself, their families and people around them. One effective way to do that is inoculation.

While the entire world is under a massive, global vaccination drive, the thrust has been bigger with organisations coming forward and taking proactive steps to safeguard their employees. Like many, Damas did not stay behind.

The jewellery brand has taken it upon itself to carry on a vaccination drive, which will inoculate its front-end retail staff — the ones who are at a direct risk of getting infected because they deal with a good amount of customers every day. Interactions at stores, despite being very careful with the sanitization measures and Covid appropriate behaviour, becomes a challenge in the longer term. Vaccinating employees adds that extra layer of protection, so that business continues uninterrupted, and at ease.

“As part of our efforts to safeguard the health, well-being and safety of our employees, customers and the community, we have launched a vaccination program that aims to facilitate and avail the vaccine to all our front-line retail staff in coordination with Local Health Authorities and the Ministries of Health and Prevention. We are happy to announce that 95% of our front-line retail workforce in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Bahrain have received both doses of the vaccine. We aim to expand our efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 across all the countries in which we operate and in line with local authorities and regulations,” a statement from the company said in a social media post.

Since the jewellery industry has been one of the greatest contributors to each nation’s GDP, Damas’ step is an example of how to keep the stakeholders protected and keep customers’ faith intact in the brand and the steps it takes to protect them.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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