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Dalya Nadeem’s paintings, inspired by traditional homes and the desert, transform into her jewellery designs



From precious stones to agriculturally grown pearls, Dalya Nadeem Jewellery embodies beauty of the Gulf’s captivating culture

Born and raised in Kuwait, Iraqi jewellery designer Dalya Nadeem established her brand Dalya Nadeem Jewellery design studio in Dubai in 2018 to create jewellery that was traditional with a modern twist. Known for its luxurious, minimal and meaningful designs, the pieces carry elegance that is artistically curated for everyone. Nadeem’s work merges Gulf’s heritage and minimalism into every collection she creates drawing inspiration from traditional architectural designs into delicate modern pieces.

“The inspiration began with wanting modern yet traditional pieces that can be elegant and cohesive on a day-to-day basis. It was inevitable to find jewellery like that, so I began to design. The sandy dunes and the stunning architecture in the United Arab Emirates were the starting point of my journey. One design then became two, as the rest followed,” says Dalya Nadeem, Founder, Dalya Nadeem Jewellery.

Nadeem received a Master of Business Administration accreditation from the Swiss Business School in 2016 and established the brand two years later through online retail in the UAE. She successfully expanded it in the US in 2021.

From precious stones to agriculturally grown pearls, Dalya Nadeem Jewellery embodies beauty of the Gulf’s captivating culture. To curate pieces representing tradition and modernity, she combines elements from historical buildings and the environment. The epitome of Dalya Nadeem’s signature design is known for commemorating culture interlaced with elements of contemporary design. “The Jannah collection is my signature collection. The collection is inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and holds immense cultural significance. It is renowned for its Islamic architectural style, including Persian Moorish influences. The grand and harmonious structure is symbolic of transcendence in Islamic culture. The chandelier light illuminates the intricate elongated flowers from the iridescent mother of pearl walls. Details like these inspired me to create this collection. The upcoming pieces will be added to pre-existing collections,” Nadeem says.

As an artist, Nadeem connects her paintings with the vibrancy of Arab culture. Her deep love for the paintings is at the core of everything she makes. The paintings pass on stories interlaced with elements of traditional homes, and the luxuriant desert. The illustrious Gold Souk in Dubai sparked the idea to develop her own brand, curating her paintings into jewellery pieces.

“Building an entire brand begins with establishing relationships in the jewellery world. As a woman, the greatest challenge is starting and seeking resources to access specialized equipment in a male-dominated industry. In light of the expansion, Dalya Nadeem Jewellery is opening its first store in Dubai, a modern space celebrating heritage. This destination marks the start of the most exciting chapter of the company,” Nadeem declares.

Written by Bushra Satkhed

Retail Jeweller World Exclusive