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Cartier unveils this year’s high jewellery collection ‘Le Voyage Recommence’



Inspired by nature and the world’s cultures, the collection’s jewellery displaysplayful twists to traditional motifs

Cartier celebrates its distinctive design codes in this year’s new high jewellery collection, which adds playful twists to traditional motifs from around the world.

Jewellery cuts cleanly drawn silhouettes, the better for emphasising a precious jumble of contrasting cuts and stones, with Jacqueline Karachi, director of high jewellery creation at Cartier, inspired by the world’s cultures for the Le Voyage Recommence collection.

In ‘Dohara’, the bright colours of India are translated into pieces that marry diamonds with red, green and blue lacquer in a nod to both traditional Mughal jewellery and Cartier’s colour palette. In ‘Bailong’, ancient myths are brought to life in a diamond-studded dragon reclining on an octagonal tourmaline. Realism is the focus in ‘Pineas’, which sees plants drawn in pavé rose gold dotted with coral and emerald.

In ‘Miraggio’, Ceylon sapphires surrounded by a grid of sapphires, emeralds and onyx reference the peacock motif loved by Louis Cartier.

Light is the hypnotising force in ‘Eximis’, where a yellow-brown fancy diamond nestled in its home of triangular white diamonds creates brilliant refractions.

“Working with lines, volumes, colour palettes, inspiration from nature and world cultures, we explore so many territories to push the boundaries of creation and discover new horizons,” says Karachi. “Like a journey that is repeated over and over again, continually drawing on the inexhaustible stories of Cartier inspiration.”