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Boosting Omnichannel Retail via mirrAR’s Virtual Try-Ons



As the new year bestows upon us, businesses are moving towards creating an omnichannel presence. A ‘unified customer journey’ approach holds immense potential for jewellery brands. Having a well-orchestrated offline & online (even more so now!) strategy will ensure that customer convenience is always treated as the topmost priority.

Retailers that embrace this new reality will definitely win big. Let’s dive deeper into this concept!

What is Omnichannel Retail?

A shift from single-channel selling to multi-channel retailing: Omnichannel retail is a business model in which all existing channels become completely integrated to offer customers a seamless shopping experience. Jewellers embracing this strategy can offer their consumers a variety of ways to purchase their products, via both online and offline channels, which makes the process more flexible and convenient for consumers. This in turn helps boost sales and expand customer interaction outside the physical boundaries of the retail stores. Catering to a global audience on a platform of their choice also builds brand loyalty like never before! 

This century caters to new-age customers craving for experiences. With this thought in focus, let’s get more insight into how you can enhance your omnichannel presence.

Elevating your Omnichannel Presence 

Setting up a presence across channels is just the beginning. To engage with consumers & convert them to brand loyalists, integrating mirrAR’s augmented reality based virtual try-ons can be really impactful.

mirrAR’s newly launched omnichannel solution allows easy integration across websites, mobile apps, retail stores &  social media handles. This strategy positions your brand strongly across platforms, bridging the online-offline gap, enabling business growth. It takes you where your customers are, ensuring your brand’s commitment towards customer experience remains consistent.

What does mirrAR’s Omnichannel AR Include?

Increased sales, reduced return rates & boosted consumer engagement are takeaways from the integration. Here’s what the bundle looks like:

  • WebAR: Integration of virtual try-ons on websites, including those based on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart & more
  • Endless Aisle: Provides store visitors the chance to browse through & virtually try-on infinite collections from different stores of the same chain
  • SocialAR: Allows users to virtually try-on jewellery on Instagram & Facebook

Mobile App: Integrate virtual try-ons on your branded application or use the mirrAR app to let users try-before-they buy on the go!

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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