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Bafleh Jewellery strives to fulfil the modern customer’s desire to seek elegance with a personal touch: Chirag Vora



The brand, which has 11 retail stores across UAE, ensures no toxic metals are included in the creation of its jewellery pieces and all carbon offset funds are invested in sustainability initiatives 

Established in the year 1992 by Ramesh Vora and Quwaider Bafleh, and led by Chirag Vora today, Bafleh Jewellery is a wholesale jewellery company in Dubai, dealing in 18-carat, 21-carat and 22-carat gold and diamond jewellery. Since inception, with over 30 years of operations, Bafleh Jewellery has emerged from being a mere wholesaler to an icon in the jewellery market.

Bafleh Jewellery aims to build its customers’ identity, strengthening their confidence and celebrating them for every occasion. The brand opened its first retail store in Al Quoz Mall, Dubai in 2011 and in 2022 opened a wholesale outlet in Kuwait which increased its footprint to 15 locations in the GCC market making Bafleh group a strong regional player. Recently, the brand gave a new look to its outlet at Meena Bazar, Dubai.

“We started with a small shop, just 200 square feet in size, which to date, still stands as a retail outlet. We’ve expanded our horizons and are now proud to operate a complete wholesale setup along with 11 retail stores across UAE. We also have branch offices in Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey and Hong Kong. Our wholesale head office is in the heart of Dubai, connecting us with jewellery shop owners and traders from across the globe. Our collections are a testament to our commitment to innovation and artistry. The modern jewellery enthusiast seeks elegance with a personal touch, and we strive to fulfill that desire,” says Chirag Vora, Managing Director, Bafleh Jewellery.

The brand believes in sustainable practices as all its pieces are made without the use of toxic elements, often culprits of skin irritation like nickel, lead and cadmium. The brand also ensures that it is involved in practices that respects human and labour rights and therefore only engages with factories that are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). Its shipping emissions that contribute to climate change are neutralized as all carbon offset funds are invested in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impacts of shipping.

“Bafleh Jewellery is committed to expanding its reach and offerings as we plan to open new stores in prominent locations in UAE as well as in other GCC countries to bring our exquisite craftsmanship closer to our customers. We also aspire to further enhance our online presence, making it easier for jewellery enthusiasts to access our collections from anywhere in the world. Innovation, quality and customer satisfaction will remain at the forefront of Bafleh’s future endeavours,” Vora states.

Written by Bushra Satkhed

Retail Jeweller World Exclusive