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Amalgamating ERP and accountings streamlines process



A robust ERP, a simple accounting system and an intuitive CRM software has helped multi-store jewellery brand La Marquise grow phenomenally despite pandemic cutting ties with clients. Retail Jeweller World learns more from Nishit Shah, CEO, La Marquise.

  1. In the last 5 years how has technology helped you to enhance your business?

LA Marquise, one of leading diamond jewellers in this region, is a totally integrated company with operations of polish, trading, manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Despite producing high and fine jewellery, our company is strongly dependent on technology as during the pandemic, we faced difficulties in contacting our clients. Google Meets, social media, video communication and even WhatsApp came to the rescue. Since then, we’ve developed a robust e-commerce platform that is growing month-on-month. We apply CRM software to track clients, polish their jewellery and interact with them regularly. Active on Instagram, we are also getting new followers on TikTok and SnapChat.

On the back-end, we use Suntech’s analytics programme to get real time data about our business processes, so that each of our decisions and actions have higher success rates. This is very crucial for the business.

2. How has Suntech’s technology helped you in improving your processes and sales? Are there specific instances that come to mind?

We have been among the first few clients of Suntech since its formation and have been benefitted by its ERP system and accounting software, both of which have very good delivery.The amalgamation of these two processes has been advantageous for us. Their recently launched analytics programme helps spot which stocks to buy/stop buying and which clients to interact with, among other features.

Again, Suntech’s stock keeping capacity is fantastic as we get to tally stocks globally based on rules La Marquise has set. Most importantly, their non-stop technological improvements give incremental value to the company.

3.How would you advocate Suntech’s product portfolio when it comes to a retailer’s holistic improvement — both at the front end and back-end?

Suntech has a complete portfolio comprising ERP, accounting, analytics and CRM. Their SKU tracking technology is impressive. When it comes to a retail brand with 1-2 doors, Suntech’s ERP and analytics systems are enough. For multi-chain brands like us with mine-to-market footprints, the entire software package is recommended as it helps track products from loose stones in factory to finished jewellery at point of sale. Such tech support helps brands source products efficiently, price it reasonably and move the inventory faster. So I’d recommend the entire package to enterprises like us.

4. What is your vision for the jewellery industry for 2025 and your message to fellow jewellers? An online presence in every section is mandatory today. Have an online retail strategy, just like you have for your physical showroom.  Plan your events, shoots well in advance because content is everything in the coming days. Good content will boost brand discovery irrespective of the fact that you have other digital presences. Strategically continue on nurturing customers online and the results will reflect over time. 

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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