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Al Zain just launched a colourful jewellery collection named Mosaic



Al Zain has managed to capture the attention of high-trend jewellery buyers with their new Mosaic line, crafted with striking shapes and a mosaic of patterns and colours, achieving the perfect balance of playfulness and elegance. The collection is crafted in gold and diamonds and focuses on bringing light to different forms of mosaic designs. The collection holds various jewellery items, such as earrings, rings, necklaces, anklets, pendants and more. The design movements resemble that of treasures hiding in the deep blue summer sea, enriching your days in the sun with grace and rhythm.

The Al Zain family has been handcrafting jewellery in their workshops based in the heart of the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1930. The love and care that is put into designing and meticulously crafting each piece is represented in each of their stunning design movements.

Al Zain Jewellery stands as an esteemed and preferred jeweller of choice in the Gulf region. The brand is recognized as a leading designer, manufacturer and retailer of luxury and affordable diamond and gold jewellery. With unrivalled expertise in diamonds and natural pearls, Al Zain works with exquisite precious stones in creating designs oriented towards GCC clientele’s discerning, unique & often extravagant taste levels. Al Zain has gained international recognition for its traditional and heritage designs in 21k gold and with a very unique gold colour has become a sought-after brand to celebrate and preserve local Arabian traditions & heritage.

Written by Pranita Sawant

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