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A touch of royalty and legacy: Kooheji Jewellery caters to the finer sensibilities in Bahrain



An ever-growing chain of jewellery that’s started more than 60 years ago, Kooheji Jewellery props up the finest jewellery in gold and diamond that money can buy

It is quite an exuberant feeling when one owns a unique piece from a house of jewellery that has a history that goes back to the 1950s. For anyone who wants to feel like a million bucks at a jewellery store that sells a million dreams, the place to be at is Kooheji Jewellery, a renowned brand on the golden shores of Bahrain.

The first thing that catches the eye of a shopper is the tag that goes under the jeweller’s name — ‘since 1952’. A legacy that goes that long only guarantees the very best of service and jewellery pieces at any shop in this chain.

Starting from gold and ending with diamonds and gemstones, Kooheji has it all. It features the most innovative wedding bands that one can set eyes upon. The pure diamond and creative designs in the world are reflected throughout their luxurious and rare wedding sets. The collection includes a range of classic, modern and limited editions that match special occasions and consist of the finest and classiest diamonds and precious stones.

Along with this comes their brilliant collections in gold and diamonds, from the Fajer collection to the Kooheji solitaire, which is famous across Bahrain for its brilliant cut and shine. Other than this, they have the most stupendous collection of rings, bangles and bracelets, earrings, minimalist and maxil=malist pendants for any occation, sleek neckpieces and grandiose chokers, and the jewel in their crown called the Noor collection.

The best part about Kooheji is their separate segments commemorating special occasions, like birthdays, mother;’s day, name days for newborns and Eid. .Kooheji jewellery has partnered with some of the most prestigious international jewellery designers who provide elegant designs of the finest and purest pieces of diamonds and precious stones — Arzano, Tirisi, DamasoGiloro, Cammili, Oro Trend, Giovanni Ferraris and Ponte Veccio.

65 years ago, Abdullah and Abdul Wahed Al-Kooheji, who are brothers, established a name in the world of elegance and high-end jewellery in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The jewellery is distinguished by its unique quality, which has been maintained for decades. The jewellers establish trust with clients by providing them with positive experiences and elegant and sophisticated jewellery that are crafted with utmost professionalism and precision.

Abdullah and Abdul Wahid Al-Kooheji co-opened a trading store with various merchandise in Abqeq, Bahrain, with the hopes of expanding in the coming years. It had a special section for gold and jewellery. In 1969, the family opened its first jewellery shop in King Khalid Avenue in the city of Al-Khobar, the Eastern province of the Kingdom of Bahrain. They opened the first Middle East jewellery branch in Bahrain, at Sheikh Abdullah Street in Manama, marking a new beginning in the jewellery world in 1970. The brand has grown since, and continues to touch Bahrain sentiments with high-end jewellery that appeals to the sensibilities of true connoisseurs.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller World News

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